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• 5/10/2018

A link to the Detroit: Become Human Discord Server
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• 10/11/2018

Ok one of those servers is toxic...

Don't go on there... I was a mod and the owner kicked me because I was going to expose them as a liar and an attention whore...

This server is better;

People actually like it on there. Oh and we are salty about the other server, the one that's toxic. So you can learn about it on there.

This server was made by me and its easy to go around once you read the server guide.

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
• 10/17/2018

That server is fine I'm already in that one

There's another dbh server thats bad

Its called the Detroit Become Human Official server

Its a bad server... I was a moderator on it and they kicked me out because I made it easier for everyonewhen they constantly asked for the server to be better

• 10/17/2018

Oh, yeah. I agree, that server is as dead as my pet hamster, I can’t even remember the last time anyone started a convo in there

• 10/17/2018

So. There was a post about my server being toxic. What she said is not true. She only got one side of the story which is a ton of lies. I only banned her because she went too far with a rumor from my ex. She knows absolutely nothing about what I have done or the situation. She often got mad at me several times for no reason so... She took things way too far. We are pretty chill on this server so why not join? I'm just misunderstood so I'm sorry for the bad image of me being spread.

• 10/17/2018

Actual fact, I have proof. Unedited proof no joke just dm me from my server for it xx

You'll need it for the truth

• 10/18/2018

Ok, I'm a little less salty now but I don't get mad for a reason and I truthfully haven't once told her off, only one time. Thats it. I never attacked her or anything, truthfully

• 10/20/2018

If I wanted to tell them, I will tell them myself. It's my business and no one else's. So leave me alone.

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