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• 7/3/2018

The song used for when Wrong Connor is shot

In the Battle For Detroit mission, when you get to the final part in Connor’s “line”, the New Connor and the Old Connor get into a fight and Hank has decide which is which by asking what his dogs name is, followed by his sons name. If you answer his sons name incorrectly, Hank shoots you. The New Connor says his mission is complete, and walks off. But the song they use for Old Connors death is one I don’t know. Could someone please tell me the soundtrack name (if there is one)? Thanks.
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• 7/13/2018
Not sure, Main theme maybe? (
DETROIT BECOME HUMAN - Connor Main Music Theme
DETROIT BECOME HUMAN - Connor Main Music Theme YouTube
• 7/24/2018
If you're refering to the slow piano that starts after he shoots, I don't believe it's on the soundtrack. I went through all the ones it could be and none of the pieces have it
• 8/8/2018
It's part of "Kamski". Skip to about 5:50 in the piece
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