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• 7/18/2018

Gavin Reed Actor

Who is the appearance of Gavin Reed based on? I know Neil Newbon (Kamski) voices him, but is his face based off someone real?
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• 8/15/2018
Look carefully at Gavin. He's gonna look just like Neil Newbon.
• 8/30/2018
Yes, that may be true but, when you search up 'gavin Reed voice actor' it does show him as the voice actor, not the actual actress for Gavin Reed. ~~∆
• 9/10/2018
It does say that Newborn voices Gavin Reed but does not provide the appearance. There are some similarities in how they look though. I also wonder who played him in the motion capture stuff because Kamski is 6 ft but Reed is only 5 ft 9. Since Newborn in close to 6 ft, I'd guess the person who was used in mocap also had Reed's appearance, but no idea who that it...
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