24 is a convenience store chain in Detroit: Become Human.

The store sells food, drinks, household appliances, alcohol, tools and toys.

History[edit | edit source]

Fugitives[edit | edit source]

Kara and Alice decide head to the store to ask for help. Nathan Clark, a store clerk that is on duty. Kara can ask him for money but he refuses.

In one choice, If Kara has a gun, she will ask Alice to go outside. She will point a gun and he will put his hands up. A customer will walk in to buy beer, and Nathan will finish the transaction. Kara can stay or leave. If she leaves Nathan will run after and is unable to find her. If she stays after the customer leaves, Kara can order him to turn around, tell him to get on the floor, or open the register. If told to open it he will pull out a gun and pointed it at her and she can convince him to give her the money. When, convinced he will give her the money and let her go.

If Kara is caught shoplifting he will confront her and she can use a gun on Nathan and tell him to get on the floor. She then can steal money and run out the store with Alice out of the store and Nathan will lose sight of her.

In another choice Kara tells him to face the floor and she steals the money and runs. Nathan will run outside to look for her.

In another choice, if Kara asks Alice to cause a distraction and knock over the soda cans. Alice will knock over soda drinks and Nathan will clean it up and he will find out that the register is empty.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In an artwork, it seems that the store was going to be a gas station.
    • However, another artwork shows the store without a gas station and it has a big parking lot outside.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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