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The abandoned apartment is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is located in a condemned apartment complex near the Urban Farms of Detroit. Rupert, a deviant android, uses the abandoned apartment as a place of refuge.


The Nest[]

Hank Anderson and Connor receive a tip about a possible deviant android reported in a noise complaint by someone who lives in the complex. They locate the apartment and Connor knocks on the door but gets no response. He then announces that they are police and a loud noise is heard from within. Hank busts down the door to find pigeons flying all over the place and he complains about them while looking around. Connor can examine several clues scattered throughout the apartment to locate Rupert.



  • According to Bryan Dechart, the apartment was originally full of sparrows instead of pigeons, but Bryan commented that people usually don't dislike sparrows, so they changed it.[1]
  • The apartment has drawings of labyrinths and has rA9 written on the walls of the bathroom.
  • Rupert feeds the pigeons food in the kitchen.
  • Connor can find Rupert's Diary here.
  • A magazine can be found in the apartment.