Al Dante is a human in Detroit: Become Human.

His name is seen on his security ID card. He is a security guard that works for CyberLife at the CyberLife Warehouse and Docks.

Biography Edit

Spare Parts Edit

He is seen in the guard station with Derek Myers. When Markus enters, he will be talking to Derek. Al will complain about the guard dogs barking outside and Derek will say that the dogs do not like the storm. Al will say that he was planning to take his children on a camping trip this weekend and wonders whether Mike; another guard that is patrolling outside, is still in zone 4.

Al and Derek can either be lured away from the key, distracted by a blackout or Markus can threaten them with a gun. If he and Derek are lured away they will be unaware of the androids' presence and let them drive out with the truck full of parts. If Markus chose to threaten Derek and Al, they will throw their guns on the ground. When he moves to get the key, Derek kicks his chair to knock Markus off balance and they try to subdue him. Derek or him can either trigger the alarm, be incapacitated or killed by Markus in the fight that ensues.