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Is President Warren too close to CyberLife?


Fans scream, traditionalists weep

Cyber security expert warns: "your android could be hacked"

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Here4u, the latest all-android boyband to be marketed by Detroit record label Digital Harmony, is hotly tipped to scoop Best New Artist at the Celebrate Music Awards.

A public letter, jointly signed by a dwindling number of human-only record labels, urged Digital Harmony to withdraw the band from consideration at such award ceremonies, citing the 'erosion of artistic merit in music'.

But with less than 5% of the music market now produced by human musicians, the call of traditionalists seems to be falling on deaf ears.

A spokesperson for the band said: "Here4u is all about bringing joy and happiness to their fans. The music is all that matters to them".

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This magazine is located in the Pirates' Cove chapter. After Luther kicks in the door to the house, it is found on the barrels.

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