The American Androids Act is a piece of United States legislation passed in 2029 to regulate android technology.


Detroit Become Human Kara 4

A AX400 android maid dressed in the android uniform style and bearing the identifiers.

  • Androids are required to be able to be clearly identified as such and visually distinguished from humans. This rule must be followed in public spaces, whereas in private residences androids can be dressed freely. This android identification includes:
    • Bearing a LED on their right temple.
    • Wearing a neon blue armband on their upper right arm.
    • Neon blue triangles on the front and back and their model number(s) on their clothing or uniform.
  • P.L. 544-7 American Androids Act - 2029: Androids are strictly forbidden from carrying or using any type of weapon.[1]

In gameEdit

This information is first uncovered during "The Hostage" chapter, when Connor reaches under the dining room table to retrieve Officer Antony Deckart's service weapon. The player has the option to leave the weapon, thus adhering to protocol, or to take it.



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