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Have androids killed baseball? Full feature.


CyberLife unveils android Quarterback

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American Football has largely resisted the spread of android players, with top-tier games still an exclusively human affair.

But that may be about to change, following CyberLife's recent unveiling of 'technical demo' QB1000, an android quarterback capable of throwing from End Zone to End Zone and hitting a target six inches wide. The model is also programmed with over 1500 'plays', from classics such as bootlegs and hand-offs to more specialized maneuvers, all of which can be adapted in real time.

QB1000 was revealed at a recent CyberLife exhibition in Detroit, where the android manufacturer showed a variety of prototypes designed to show the potential of bleeding-edge technology.

But while CyberLife's latest innovation has some fans drooling, Roy Kenstone, Founder of the Anti-Android Fan Group, sees a sinister aspect: "CyberLife know exactly what they are doing with this 'demonstration' - they hope to distort our sport the same way they have all the others."

Despite these reservations, some consider this simply a matter of time. With Basket Ball and baseball already contemplating android players, a LED-sporting QB might be just around the corner.

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