The android smuggler or "Coyote" is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is Rose's contact that is willing to help her smuggle androids across Canada. He supplies the boats to androids to help them cross the Detroit River.


Battle for DetroitEdit

He is seen waiting for Rose to arrive near the river that runs between Detroit and Canada. Rose will greet him and he will ask for the money for the boats. Rose will give him the money and warns Rose about border patrol boats are seen patrolling the river and to tells Rose to tell the androids not to start the engine when far enough in the river. He will eventually head to his car after speaking with Rose.[1]

Notes Edit

  • It is unknown whether his real name is actually "Coyote", though it is likely just a nickname/codename since a 'coyote' is the colloquial term for people that smuggle Mexican citizens over the border to the USA.


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