Andy is a JB100 android in Detroit: Become Human.

Biography Edit


Like Andy, many androids try to make the dangerous journey north to cross the Canadian Border. Like Andy, many lose other deviants they love along the way…[1]

He escaped from his home with Mary, another android, who unfortunately stops working. Their goal was to reach Canada for freedom.

Midnight Train Edit

He and Mary found refuge in Rose Chapman's home. He is hiding in the laundry room with Mary and another android when he meets Kara, Luther, and Alice. He is seen holding the damaged Mary in his arms. She will later die and he is seen crying over her death . Alice will come inside to see what is going on and Kara can stop Alice from seeing a dead Mary or let her walk over to Andy to pay her respects for his loss.

Battle for Detroit Edit

If Kara found Adam and left with him at the bus terminal, Andy can be seen with a group of androids near the Detroit River. After Rose pays Coyote for the rafts they are using, Andy gets in one with another android and sails to the Canadian Border. The Coast Guard catches them and opens fire, killing Andy and most of the androids (which can include Kara, Alice, and Luther).

Chapters Edit