Anti-Android Protest Leader is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He and his followers are seen protesting in Greektown, Detroit in "Shades of Color".


In the chapter "Shades of Color" he is seen in Greektown with a crowd protesting out front of the nearby CyberLife store. He rants about the chronic unemployment that is due to androids flooding the workforce and replacing human workers.

If Markus walks in front of the protest, the leader blocks his path and asks him where he thinks he is going. The crowd then surrounds Markus and one of his followers shoves him to the ground. The protest leader kicks Markus as he attempts to gets up from the ground and grabs him by the shirt. He threatens to beat Markus and make an example out of him when a Detroit police officer approaches and warns him to stop or he will give him a fine for property damage. The protest leader, angered by the officer, comments that his job will be taken next and they will see how he likes it then.[1]


The protest leader is an adult male with a short brown ponytail and beard. He has hazel eyes and three tattoos, two on his neck and one on his face. On the right side of his neck he has a skull crossed by guns and a three dot triangle under his left eye.


  • The three dot triangle is a tattoo that is most commonly seen on prisoners/ex-prisoners, supposedly representing "mi vida loca" or "my crazy life".
  • Anti-android protest leader is played by Shane Woodward, who also played the camera-holding thug named Ed from the previous Quantic Dream game Beyond: Two Souls in the chapter Homeless.


  • "Where the F-ck you going, tin can? Hm? No kiddin’… " - Protest leader to Markus Shades of Color.
  • "Hey guys, check it out, we got one of those tin cans here…" - Protest leader getting his followers' attention in Shades of Color.



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