Officer Antony Deckart was a human in Detroit: Become Human. He was an officer of the Detroit City Police Department.


Antony Deckart was a police officer in the Detroit City Police Department.

On August 15, 2038, Deckart responded to a disturbance call at the Phillips family's apartment at 1554 Park Av. Detroit. He found the family's android Daniel gone rogue and violent, and fired a single shot wounding Daniel, before being shot dead himself.

In "The Hostage", Connor arrives in the Phillips' apartment. Antony Deckart's body can be found in the living room and be analyzed by Connor.

Cause of death: A single, lethal gunshot to the chest, perforating the right ventricle of his heart and causing massive internal bleeding. Time of death is estimated to be 8:03 PM.

His service pistol can be found under the table and Connor has the choice to take his gun or leave it where it was found.


  • His badge looks like the real-life Detroit Police badge and is not the same style badge as the other officers.
  • His name bears a resemblance to both Bryan Dechart, Connor's voice actor, and Rick Deckard, the protagonist of Blade Runner. It is unknown whether either is an intentional reference.