Autonomous vehicles are a common feature of the world of Detroit: Become Human. They are self-driving vehicles used for personal, public, and cargo transportation in Detroit and elsewhere.

Self-driving cars became popular in 2021.[1]

The Detroit City Department of Transportation (DCDOT), Automatic Bus Company of Detroit (ABCD), and Detroit Taxi use autonomous buses and cars. Buses and trains have a separate "Android Compartment" for the transportation of androids. Delivery companies and CyberLife use autonomous transport trucks that can be switched to manual drive.

Since 2026 the buses in all larger US cities have been switched to autonomous buses. Human bus controllers check for remaining passengers and its condition at the end of the line before the bus drives into the depot.[1]

SWISH is a car manufacturing company that sells self-driving cars in 2020s-2030s.


According to Martin Forlong of CrowneCars, in case of inevitable accidents, autonomous cars identify the potential victims and weigh their importance, then choosing to kill the "lesser" person. Among the considered factors are employment, health, and family status.[2]

The Anti-Automation League, opposes the automation of vehicles and are against CrowneCars decisions to let the cars decides on a person's life.

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