Ben Collins is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a Detroit City Police Department detective that is seen at crime scenes, sharing information with Hank Anderson.


Ben Collins was born September 12, 1989.

He is a veteran police officer who joined the force a few years after Lieutenant Anderson, whom he values and respects highly.

Ben is a model officer: serious, helpful, experienced, and appreciated by all his colleagues. Without great ambition, he is quietly waiting for his retirement with professionalism and good humor.[1]

Partners Edit

In the start of the chapter, he is seen outside of Carlos Ortiz's Home. He greets Hank and fills him in on what they know about the murder of Carlos Ortiz. After talking, he will be looking at evidence. If Connor finds the HK400 android, Hank calls for Ben and Officer Chris Miller.

Waiting for Hank... Edit

Ben is working at the central station. If Connor talks to the HK400 and it kills itself, Ben rushes in with Chris. He will be shocked by the mess and tell Chris to clean it up.

On the RunEdit

He will be near the 24 convenient store and tells Hank that the police have the area locked down. He also shares his opinion on Connor.

The Eden Club Edit

Ben is seen questioning the Eden Club's manager Floyd Mills about what happened. He greets Hank, informs him where the crime scene is and tells him that Gavin is already there.




  • He wears size 10 shoes.[2]
  • The badge on the right side of his chest reads "Police Lieutenant". This is probably a developer oversight by reusing Hank's assets, as Gavin's badge also reads "Police Lieutenant".


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