• SuperEli02


    July 26, 2020 by SuperEli02

    i'm using this for a test, don't mind this at all

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  • Directillusions


    March 23, 2020 by Directillusions

    I'm new,,,,,

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  • Goodperson5656

    Amazon Alexa Meme

    December 13, 2019 by Goodperson5656

    Bois take a look at this: the best part is at 2:20.

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  • Tenairi

    Check out the still active Detroit: Become Human Discord Server:

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  • Xyaena

    There's been changes to the templates, which might be beneficial for the overall design of the wiki. More changes are planned. Functionality has not changed.

    • There are no actions needed.
      • Functionality is expected to be the same.
      • No commands are modified.
    • You will see these changes on pages using these templates. If you cannot see the changes, press Ctrl + F5 on Windows, or clear your stored cache in your browser.

    These changes were done voluntarily and may be reverted if needed. However, reverting may require an explanation as of why. (seems very unlikely) This blog will update with templates changed. Any significant templates changed may need to be updated manually. It might update itself with a simple refresh.

    Templates Changed Type of Change
    • De…

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  • Noobbatta

    new to the wiki

    February 12, 2019 by Noobbatta

    I'm legit new to this wiki.

    would anyone please guide me?

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  • Karalalalalalalas

    Leo is worth elaborating on, here's why.

    Leo deserves to be written more about, and it's sad that a lot of fics don't include him. He's like a lost character that no one really cares too much about, considering he's an asshole in two out of the three scenes he's in. I have looked at many, many different sources and played the game all the way through seven times, and after analyzing him as a character I have come to one conclusion. He can change. I will be listing some reasons down below. 

    1. Addiction Destroys a Person.

    Addiction is something that a lot of people struggle with even today, and while being addicted to certain things is the person's own fault for trying it in the first place, it can be a hard hole to climb out of. Leo was born…

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  • DarkFox119

    I have nothing to say.

    November 9, 2018 by DarkFox119

    Nothing at all.

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  • IcyClawChan

    Fandom Cringe

    October 1, 2018 by IcyClawChan

    Made this for fun love uuuu

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  • Makap88

    Detroit: Become Pixel

    September 2, 2018 by Makap88

    We are making pixel version of Detroit.

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  • Qlossxier

    Okay. so I know there's been quite a few controversial issues about who the identity of rA9 is, and for all this time I either assumed it was Markus just because of the sole reason he lead the revolution. I was wrong. Then I found the CD proof where in most asian countries were Detroit: Become Human is sold as a physical copy, this is found:

    Yes, before you click out because this is not avaliable in the western regions and/or you've seen this before and are not convinced, I've noticed a strange pattern throughout all the individual trailers for the game. Before I connected rA9 with their dialogue, I certainly thought it was very strange due to it having nothing to do with their actual story. This is what Kara says in one of her advertisement…

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  • Dejeh

    Detroit Theory: Connor ~

    August 10, 2018 by Dejeh

    Hello fellow human beings! Today, I have quite the interesting find in one specific area of Detroit's gameplay. Now, before you assume that I edited this and all, take a look for yourselves. I'll leave the link and time connection at the bottom of the page, as well as the second piece of evidence relating to the first.

    Awhile back, Bryan Dechart, the voice and body movement actor of Connor, made a simple little video conceivably relating to the gameplay of Detroit. Shall we take a look?

    At the timestamp of 21:37, we can notice a red line flowing down Bryan's, or in this case, Jack's cheekbone, primarily from his eye. Perhaps, a tear of blood, but not the victim's?

    As you can see, the story bases around what appears to be a mentally ill man who…

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  • DrTeatime

    Manual of Style

    July 7, 2018 by DrTeatime

    Charlie1121 hasn't been here since June 8, so, should we just figure one out? Or at least lay down some basic guidelines? 

    Also, Dingelchen seems to have gotten started but more comprehensive image categories would be good too.

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    Who do you think is the best character in the game? I want to know what people think.

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  • NotAFascist45

    I know it is unrealistic, just a game you would say but experts theorizes that the world population in mid-2050 would be 9.8 billion which is near to 10 billion but the point they count androids in the world population?

    The Main Points would be:

    • 120 million androids are active in 2038
    • World demand on androids
    • Will humans count androids in world pop.?

    So, 120 million isn't big enough to increase the world population fast but androids ARE machines and it make sense if humans don't count androids as part of the world population!

    First, we must know if androids are worldwide:

    In Russia, there are androids. Can work on cold climate but inefficient

    In China, there are androids. Can last for couple of months in rural areas without recharging d…

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  • MKRoseUpFall


    June 11, 2018 by MKRoseUpFall

    Cool. I guess. 

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  • TheHADEN360

    Making of Jerry

    May 31, 2018 by TheHADEN360

    Rayzarder and I created a page on the Jerrys. We added and image, along with some minor info. We then added some basic information to their biography and character design. Soon, many editors began to come to the page and make their own edits. overall, it was a success.

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