Border Guard #2677 is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a U.S. border security agent at the Canada Border Inspection Station.[1]


Battle for Detroit Edit

He is seen checking IDs and for androids by using a thermal scanning device to determine if they are human. He will alert the U.S. Army soldiers to shoot any androids attempting to cross the border.[1]

A male android approaches his station and he scans him, when the temperature checker goes off. He then shouts to the nearby soldiers who shoot the android.[1]

If the player sacrifices Jerry, he will tell Alice "Don't worry, there's no androids on this side of the border". If the player sacrifices Luther or Kara (while Luther is still alive), he will exclaim "Goddamn androids. You okay, little girl?". He forgets to scan the trio or duo after each sacrifice.[1]

If Kara decides not to make a sacrifice, she will plead with him that they just want to be free. He will look at the news report being broadcast on the television, which is either about Markus leading a peaceful protest or North/Markus leading a violent revolution. If the protest is peaceful he will turn a blind eye and let them into Canada. But if the protest is violent, he will ignore their plea and shout to the soldiers that they are androids, and the soldiers then shoot Kara, Alice, and Luther (If he is alive at this point).[1]

Appearance Edit

Border guard #2677 is an adult white male with brown hair and grey eyes. He wears a blue border security guard uniform and a badge.


Border guard #2677's behavior changes according to the choices and the nature of the android protest.

If Kara chooses "Sacrifice", the guard will comfort Alice, telling her not to worry or asking if she is alright.

If Kara chooses "No Sacrifice" and the protest has been peaceful, he will be compassionate and allow the trio to enter Canada despite them being Androids.

If Kara chooses "No Sacrifice" but the protest has been violent, the guard will alert the soldiers that the trio are Androids.

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