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Broken is the eighth chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has two different outcomes.


This chapter is from the perspective of Markus.


This is the flowchart walkthrough for Broken, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. To the right is a video showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

After Party (load checkpoint)
  1. Enter Living Room
  2. Pour Whiskey
    • Check Studio Without Carl
    • Check Studio With Carl
  3. Confront Leo
  4. Break Mind Palace
  5. Markus Becomes Deviant

The path deviates from here depending on the choice made between Obeying Carl or Pushing Leo:

Obey Carl
  1. Carl Dies of a Heart Attack
  2. Police Arrive
  3. Cross-chapter impact Leo Accused Markus
Push Leo
  1. Leo is Hurt
  2. Police Arrive
  3. Cross-chapter impact Police Mistook Markus for the Aggressor

Cross-chapter impacts[]

  1. Push Leo
  2. Obey Carl


  • If Markus pushes Leo, Carl's son falls and hits his head and then is seen unmoving, his eyes still open. Carl's reaction of grief makes it appear as if Leo has been killed. It is not until much later in the game that it's confirmed that Leo survived.