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The Brown-haired Traci is a WR400 "Traci" android in Detroit: Become Human.



She is a WR400 "Traci" android working at the Detroit Eden Club. She has short brown hair and is in love with a fellow Traci (with blue hair).

On November 6, 2038, she hid with her girlfriend in the club's warehouse, after the latter had killed a customer, Michael Graham.[1]

The Eden Club[]

In Chapter "The Eden Club", Connor and Hank Anderson investigate the case.[1]

  • The blue- and brown-haired Tracis can remain undiscovered.
  • Both Tracis can be tracked. If so, the brown-haired one attempts to distract Connor and Hank by attacking Connor. However, she does not intend to kill him and tries to escape once she is outside the building. However, they are hindered by wire fencing around the back of the building and end up fighting Connor again. Eventually, the brown-haired Traci runs at Connor, who has the option to shoot her, leading to her possible demise.
    • Outcome 1 - Connor decides not to shoot and the brown hair Traci kicks him back. The blue hair Traci confesses her side of the story before she climbs the fence with the brown-hair Traci and escapes.
    • Outcome 2 - Connor shoots and kills the Brown-haired Traci. Distraught from her death, the Blue-haired Traci commits suicide with Connor's gun.
  • An alternate scenario has Connor badly damaged by the Brown-haired Traci, confirming his apparent defeat, they stop fighting and Blue-haired Traci speaks to him before both Tracis start to climb the fence. Connor takes Hank's gun and has the option to shoot them.
    • Outcome 1 - The Tracis escape as Connor decides not to shoot.
    • Outcome 2 - Connor shoots them both in the back and kills both of them.

Last Chance, Connor[]

If the Tracis died, they are stored in the DPD Central Station Evidence Room.[2] Connor can analyze her Biocomponents but determine that she is too damaged to reactive. Connor can however, use her biocomponents to reactive the blue-haired Traci and remove her head to trick her lover into revealing the location of Jericho.


If the Tracis fled, they can be seen together in Jericho on top of the railing.[3]

Night of the Soul[]

If the Tracis were not killed in "The Eden Club" and Jericho was attacked in "Crossroads", they will both appear inside the church behind Simon.[4]





  • She and the blue-haired Traci are the only named LGBTQ+ individuals in the game's universe.
  • On June 30, 2018, the Traci's actress, Amelia Rose Blaire, married Bryan Dechart, who plays Connor.
  • All her appearances are determinant.
  • After she escapes, her hair seems to change from a red-brown to a darker shade, showing WR400s have the ability to alter their hair color (e.g. North).
  • In a Let's Play stream with her husband Bryan Dechart, Amelia Rose Blaire suggested that after deviating, Brown-haired Traci chose the name Ripple and her lover chose Echo.[5]
  • The character's design and story bear some resemblance to the character of Red from Gerard Way's The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comics. Red is a sex android, attempting to escape the oppressive city to be with her lover, Blue.
  • The Brown-haired Traci only has one line of dialogue that can appear under different circumstances. She will say "Come on, let's go." only if Connor won the fight but spared the Brown-haired Traci, or if Connor lost the fight.
    • Technically she does have two lines, however her second line is Connor speaking through her severed head saying "Tell me where Jericho is...".


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