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Bryan Dechart is an American actor and a Twitch streamer who portrays Connor in Detroit: Become Human. His first television role was on Guiding Light.

On June 30, 2018, he married Amelia Rose Blaire, the actress who portrays the Blue-haired Traci, Brown-haired Traci and WR400 #429 671 942.[1]

Video Game work[]

  • 2016 - Mafia III - (Various Voices)
  • 2018 - Detroit: Become Human (Connor)
  • 2018 - Red Dead Redemption II - (The local pedestrian population)
  • 2020 - Cyberpunk 2077 - Brendan



  • The audition script Bryan Dechart had for his first audition was the same as the KARA (tech demo).[2]
    • In his second audition, he had a more specific script from the game.[3]
    • He went through a lot of auditions during the casting process.[4]
  • David Cage's children made the final decision on who should play Connor between three actors.[5]
  • The first scene Bryan filmed was The Hostage and it's filmed on his birthday.[6]
  • The first scene Clancy Brown and Bryan Dechart filmed was Partners.[7]
  • Bryan Dechart, stated that Data from the famous sci-fi TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Neo from the famous sci-fi action film The Matrix served as inspirations while preparing for his role.[8][9]
  • While shooting the game, he has never actually met his co-stars Valorie Curry and Jesse Williams. Because of scheduling, they filmed all their scenes separately and they were edited together.[11]
    • During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Bryan and Jesse met for the first time in real life.[12]
  • While portraying Connor, Bryan improvised in some scenes.[13]
  • Connor's serial number in the finished game, #313 248 317-51, was decided on by Bryan Dechart: 313 for the Detroit area code, 248 for his home area code (Novi, Michigan), 317 for his birthday (March 17th), 5 for the number of people in his family, and 1 as it is the first Connor.[14]
  • Connor doing his quarter coin tricks was motion-capture acted by Bryan Dechart, although without the coin, which was added in later.[15]
  • In addition to his work for the game, Bryan Dechart also played Connor in an interactive theater experience that was part of the game's marketing.[16]
  • Also, Bryan Dechart did the performance capture for Isaac Falone.[17]
  • According to Bryan Dechart, animators of Quantic Dream replaced all of the pigeons in the abandoned apartment with Connor models at one occasion. Therefore, a bunch of little Connor models were scattered through the place and even fly up into the air.[18]
  • His favorite line in the script is "I like dogs", and according to him, when he told this to David Cage, he was not happy about it.[19]
  • A life-size statue of Connor based on Bryan Dechart's likeness is created for a museum at Grévin in Paris.[20]
  • He has an Instagram page and a Twitch channel where he streams with his wife, Amelia Rose Blaire.
  • He has a YouTube account where he uploads his Twitch streams.
  • He helped David Cage cast Amelia Rose Blaire as Traci, since she helped him with Connor's lines and memorized Traci's lines. She eventually auditioned and got the role.