Bus Terminal is a location in Detroit: Become Human. The buses are there to take people to the U.S. - Canada border. Humans and some Androids are desperate to escape to Canada for safety.

The U.S. Army and Detroit City Police Department have stepped up security measures by using thermal scanners to check for androids. The U.S. Army, then announces that the last bus for the border is full. They will only allow people with tickets on the buses, and all departures have been suspended until further notice.

Game Edit

When Kara with Alice and Luther (if alive), arrive at the bus terminal they will be disappointed by the announcement. Kara can steal tickets from a family, encounter Todd, get killed by security from running away, get captured and sent to a recall center or Adam will tell them to hurry up, because his mother is going to meet the smuggler, who will supply them the stuff to cross the border.