Canada is a country located in North America that appears in Detroit: Become Human.



Canada is considered an android-free country. The Canadian parliament has decided to make the entry of androids illegal in Canada. Androids are not produced or sold in Canada and have no official status in the country. Due to this, it has a become a place that many androids (specifically deviants) wish to enter.

During the Battle for Detroit, many humans and a few androids are trying to flee from the U.S. to Canada through the United States - Canada border.


The United States - Canada border is one of the possible final settings for Kara's story. Due to the android protests/revolution in Detroit, the border has upped its security measures and is using thermal scanners to prevent androids from entering Canada. As a result, any androids detected are swiftly terminated by the army, making this a very stressful scenario for any android wishing to cross the border.

The public's opinion on androids as well as Markus'/North's actions will heavily influence if Kara, Alice and Luther successfully cross the border.

To see all possible outcomes of this story line, see Battle for Detroit - Kara Leaving Detroit.

Zlatko Andronikov states Canada is a suitable place for deviant androids to start a new life, since it has beautiful landscapes, open spaces, clean air and no android laws. This is said before the android protest breaks out. According to magazine article "Canada Still Android-Free Zone", the Canadian parliament has again pushed back its decision on whether to permit androids in the country.