Canada Border Inspection Station is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It a station on the border between the United States of America and Canada.


In November 2038 during the android uprising in Detroit, humans and androids are fleeing to Canada. The border station has increase security due to the unrest and to prevent androids entering Canada. To that end the U.S. Army has been sent to strengthen security, and thermal scanning devices are employed to determine if a person is android or human. Any androids seen or discovered are to be reported immediately and are shot and destroyed on the spot.

Kara's group may reach the station and try to cross into Canada here. Rose and Adam Chapman are there at the same time, to go to family in Canada.

Personnel on duty are among others, Border Guard 2677 and Other Unnamed Border Guard, backed up by U.S. Army soldiers.

Depending on events, all, some, or none of Kara's group may live, with the survivors successfully entering Canada.

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