Captain Allen is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a senior member of the Detroit City Police Department SWAT unit.[1]



Allen was born December 2, 1994.

Allen is a member of the Detroit City Police Department and its SWAT unit.

The HostageEdit

He is the leader of the DPD SWAT team that is assigned to apprehend Daniel in The Hostage chapter. He is seen looking at the surveillance footage of the hostage. When CyberLife sends Connor as a negotiator, Allen is shown to have a dislike toward androids, which can be seen as Allen dismisses him even though Connor is there to help. He then tells Connor to negotiate the deviant or he and his team will take care of it. If Connor wastes too much time finding evidence, Allen will yell at him to talk to the deviant.

Battle for DetroitEdit

In one of the choices, he appears instead of Hank Anderson (only if Hank committed suicide in Night of the Soul). His orders are to apprehend any androids seen in the area. He appears when Connor is setting up a sniper rifle on the Hart Plaza Rooftop to assassinate the deviant leader (Markus or North) on the roof a building. Allen and his team will approach and tell Connor to drop the sniper rifle and put his hands up. Connor can obey his command, explain what he is doing, or continue with his objectives. Allen remembers seeing Connor during the hostage situation. The player has the choice to fight or flee. If you choose to flee, Connor jumps off the building and Allen tries to stop him but is too late. He is disappointed and says "Fucking androids.". If Connor chooses to fight, he will pretend to surrender before fighting the SWAT officers and Allen. If the player performs the QTEs correctly, Connor will kill Allen. Then, Connor will go to the sniper rifle and snipe the deviant leader. Unfortunately, the scope was damaged, making the rifle useless. Connor then drops it and leaves the rooftop, but not before showing his disappointment to a deceased Allen. If the player fails to perform the actions correctly, he will kill Connor. With Connor defeated and kneeling on the ground, Allen pulls out his pistol to shoot Connor in the head. He coldly expresses his intent to kill Connor by saying, “I should have done this the first time I saw you.” before killing him.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Captain Allen is portrayed by David Clark, who provided his likeness, the voice acting and performance capture.