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Carl Manfred's House is a location in Detroit: Become Human. The mansion owner is Carl Manfred and is address is 8941 Lafayette Avenue. Carl uses the sun-room as an art studio.


The Painter[]

Markus returns home after buying Carl's paints from Bellini Paints. Markus wakes him up and serves him breakfast. Carl will tell Markus to find something to do and later he and Carl will go to the backyard studio to help with painting, but Carl will ask Markus to paint something involving androids, humanity, and identity. Afterwards, Carl's illegitimate son Leo will barge in unannounced to ask his father for money, but is turned down by Carl when he realizes that Leo taking Red Ice once again. However, Leo believes that Carl loves Markus more than him and angrily attacks the android. Once Carl tells him to stop, Leo jealously accuses his father for loving nothing but his paintings before leaving.


Markus and Carl return home to find that Leo has broken into the house to steal paintings. Carl will confront Leo and tell Markus to ask Leo to leave the house now. Leo will get angry and attack Markus. Carl will tell Markus not to defend himself. If Markus follows Carl's order and endures the assault, Carl will die from a heart attack. Leo will lie to the arriving officers and say Markus killed Carl. If Markus fights back, he will knock Leo unconscious. Carl warns Markus that the arriving officers will believe he's the aggressor and destroy him, and yells at him to run away.

Night of the Soul[]

The house makes another appearance if Carl survives. Markus comes over to visit Carl and speak with him. Carl's new caretaker tells him not come inside due to his weaken health condition, and Markus converts the android in order to gain access to the house. Carl will be happy to see him. Markus can talk to him about his life since leaving and his worries and can ask for advice. If Markus' remarks are aggressive and violent in nature, Carl will say he is not the Markus he once knew. If Markus persists in this behavior, Carl will die of a heart attack. If the conversation isn't violent, Carl will tell him that he's like a son to him. He will then will go back to sleep and Markus leaves. The player can look around the house before seeing Carl.


  • Carl's house was based on a real house.[2]
  • Carl has two large origami birds on one of the bookshelves near his dining table. This is likely a reference to Heavy Rain.
  • The brand name of Carl's piano is Quantic, which is a reference to the game company (Quantic Dream).
  • A painting of Carl displayed next to his dining table can also be seen in Kamski's house next to his pool.
  • Though the bathroom is inaccessible in the game, a YouTuber by the name of Shesez was able to use a camera that enables him to move around through walls to view anything that happens outside the view of the player to fully view the bathroom. It is fully detailed and even has a closet with books and clothes in it that wasn't seen in the concept art. It is currently unknown if the bathroom was meant to be explorable at some point in development.