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Come here, you piece of shit! I'll teach you to look me in the eye...
Carlos while beating his HK400[src]

Carlos Ortiz was a human in Detroit: Become Human. He was the murder victim of the first deviant case investigated by Lieutenant Hank Anderson and Connor.


Carlos Ortiz was born October 27, 2008.[1]

Carlos had a criminal record of theft and aggravated assault. He was also addicted to Red Ice, a common drug among the middle and lower social classes. He had little to no social interactions between his neighbors and had not paid his landlord for 10 months. He had stayed several times in a psychiatric hospital between 2033 and 2036.

In 2036, Carlos bought a secondhand HK400 android.[1] He abused this android an uncertain amount of times.

By 2038, Carlos lived in a house at the address 6413 Pines Street, Detroit.

In October 2038, while angry and likely high on Red Ice, he picked up a bat and proceeded to beat the HK400, saying, "I'll teach you to look me in the eye," threateningly. The HK400, realizing that it was not fair and that he did not deserve to be treated this way, fought back with a kitchen knife. The android stabbed Carlos 28 times, eventually killing him as Ortiz failed to defend himself.

His estimated time of death is 11:30 PM on October 17, 2038. On November 5th, his landlord came over to demand rent and ended up finding the corpse of Ortiz, leaning against a wall with "I AM ALIVE" written in clean, block-letters above his head. It is later confirmed by Connor that the text is written with the blood of Ortiz.



Carlos was an obese man with somewhat long hair and a beard of a black color. He was wearing an olive green and black baseball tee and a pair of dark grey jeans at the time of his death.


Not much is known about Carlos' personality but when interrogated, his android reveals that Carlos was very abusive to it and had anger issues that would lead to physical violence. Given his reclusive and anti-social behavior, criminal record, and mental instability, it is implied that he is either affected by the android industry or a different event in his life.


  • Carlos was one of the confirmed Red Ice users in the game, along with Todd Williams, Leo Manfred, and Zlatko Andronikov.
  • Carlos is the only human primarily displayed in a deceased state in the extra gallery.
  • Carlos Ortiz's name is possibly a reference to a character who goes by the same name in the Undying Mercenaries book series.



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