Carlos Ortiz's Home is a location in Detroit: Become Human, at 6413 Pines Street[1], Detroit. It is a crime scene visited by Hank Anderson and Connor.

History Edit

Pre-game Edit

Carlos Ortiz rented the house from an unknown owner. Carlos has taken bad care of the house and failed to pay rent to the landlord.

One night in October 2038, Carlos was high on red ice and angry at his HK400 android. Carlos decides to grab a bat and decided to attack the android. The HK400 became deviant from the amount of abuse it has taken from him and decided to stab him with a kitchen knife. The HK400 stab him 28 times in the chest, which killed him. The HK400 it decides to make an offering to rA9, by making statuette and drawing on the walls. The HK400 decides to hide in the attic.

On November 5, around 8 (AM or PM) the landlord came over to demand rent from Carlos and discovered Carlos' body. The landlord called the police.

Partners Edit

In Chapter "Partners", Lt. Hank Anderson and Connor drive to Ortiz's home, coming from Jimmy's Bar. Detective Ben Collins greets Hank. Collins explains what happened and show Hank the crime scene. Connor can examine the crime scene and reconstruct events. Connor then can follow the trail of blue blood and find the HK400 hiding in the attic.

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