Caroline Phillips is a human in Detroit: Become Human. She is the wife of John Phillips, and the mother of Emma Phillips.

Her daughter was taken hostage by the family's android Daniel in the chapter "The Hostage".



Caroline was born on May 23, 2001.

She is married to a man named John Phillips and they had a daughter together, Emma Phillips, born on September 2, 2028.[1]

The Phillips family lived an affluent life in an apartment at the address 1554 Park Av. Detroit. They had a domestic android named Daniel, a PL600 model.

The night of August 15, 2038, Daniel killed her husband and took her daughter hostage.


Distraught over her daughter's kidnapping, Caroline is being removed from the apartment by the police. On the way out she comes across the hostage negotiator Connor and begs him to save her daughter Emma.

Realizing Connor is an android, Caroline becomes even more anxious and questions the police on their choice of not sending a human negotiator, and begs them not to let another android near Emma. She is then taken into the elevator by a SWAT officer.[1]

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  • "Oh, oh please, please, you gotta save my little girl... Wait... you're sending an android?.. You can't... you can't do that! You w-Why aren't you sending a real person? Don't let that thing near her! Keep that thing away from my daughter! KEEP IT AWAY!" - Caroline to Connor in The Hostage.

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  • Her actress, Barbara Weber-Scaff, is one of the long-time collaborators of Quantic Dream. Including major roles, she performed in every Quantic Dream game. After Heavy Rain, the developers started to use her likeness on the characters she portrayed such as Norah Gray in Beyond: Two Souls and Caroline Phillips in this game.
  • Depending on player's choices, Caroline can become one of the single parents in the game, the others being Rose ChapmanCarl Manfred and Todd Williams.



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