Channel 16 is a Detroit local news network in Detroit: Become Human. It broadcasts from the Channel 16 Studios in Stratford Tower. Its slogan is "We Broadcast The World".

It has a variety of different programming, such as "C16 News / Live / Nature / Action / Sports / Kids".




  • Nov 8th, 2038, The Stratford Tower, "Detroit: Home Of World's First Trillion Dollar Company": "Our top story tonight: Detroit-based android manufacturer CyberLife has officially become the world's first trillion dollar company. With more than fifty million androids sold in America alone, the company founded by Elijah Kamski just ten years ago has experience the fastest economic growth in history. In spite of criticism of the impact of androids on human employment and questions concerning its semi-monopoly, the success of CyberLife seems destined to continue."[1]

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  1. "The Stratford Tower"