The Chicken Feed is a food truck owned by Gary Kayes, located in Detroit in Detroit: Become Human.

It sells chicken sandwiches and burgers, among other fares. It advertises itself with having its food being prepared by a human, its chickens being natural, and its sauces homemade. Despite this, its food hygiene license expired years ago on 05/20/2031 and it had its renewal refused on 07/24/2031; its sanitation rating is a "C" 60%.[1]

Hank Anderson is a regular customer; he gets free meals, which he returns with favors of his own.[1]

Events during the gameEdit

On November 6, 2038, in Chapter "The Nest", Lt. Hank Anderson stops by the Chicken Feed during his lunch break, joined by Connor. Pedro Aabdar convinces Hank that he will not lose money like last time from the horse race and this time his tip is good. Before leaving, and the Hank buys his lunch and eats. Afterward, they go check out a case a few blocks away, near Urban Farms of Detroit.[1]

In a possible mid-credits scene, if Hank and Connor are both alive and have a positive relationship, Hank is seen waiting in front of the Chicken Feed, which is currently closed ; Connor arrives, they smile at one another and embrace.[2]


  • Kayes has garnered a criminal record for violating hygiene regulations and resisting arrest.
  • In some concept art, the food truck was named "(The) Chicken Truck Guy".
  • The music playing on the radio is "All Facts" by Sean Allen.

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