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The "Chloe" is a group of android models created by CyberLife, among them the RT600 and ST200.


The Chloe models are personal assistance models; there have been various iterations that were optimized new models[1]. It is designed to help humans with everyday tasks such as doing housework, cooking, and managing appointments.[2]

The ST200 can speak several languages and perform most tasks a human could accomplish.[3]

The known appearance of the Chloe is as a pale-skinned white woman, with blue eyes and long blonde hair, worn in a low ponytail. It acts sociable and charming.[1]


The RT600 was the first android perfected by CyberLife, programmed by Elijah Kamski himself; it was released in 2021. A RT600 "Chloe" was the first android to pass a face-to-face Turing test in 2022.[1][3]

The ST200, an upgraded version of the RT600, was released in 2022[1], and was the first model to go into CyberLife's commercial industrial production, starting in 2024[3].

In 2024, the RT600 Chloe who did the 2022 Turing tests filmed an interview with KNC.[2]

The Chloe was a huge success commercially and laid the foundation for the company's rise and empire. Despite the availability of newer, more sophisticated models, the Chloe remains popular and widespread.[1]



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Notes Edit

  • A model of Traci android seen in the backroom of the Eden Club shares its likeness, only with short red hair.
  • Also, a disfigured android who shares its likeness can be seen among Zlatko's creatures.


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