Not to be confused with Chris Roberts.

Chris Robert[1] is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a security guard that works for Channel 16.


Chris is seen guarding the entrance to the broadcast room in front of the security check desk with Sean and Josh argues against killing them while North argues their cause is more important then them. If Markus chose to use a ruse and is successful, both Sean and Chris will be knocked out by him. If Markus chose to lead an assault and shot Sean, Chris will shoot Simon and North knocks him out. If Markus chose to lead an assault and shot Chris, Chris will be killed while Sean is knocked out by North. If Markus fails to carry out his plan, both Sean and Chris will be knocked out by North.[2]

If spared, he will be mentioned in a conversation between Officer Chris Miller and Hank Anderson. Miller states that Chris, and determinately Sean, was knocked out by the androids. If killed, his body will be seen on the floor behind the security check desk leading to the hallway and Chris mentions that he was killed in cold blood.[3]

Notes Edit

  • If Chris was killed, Michael Webb, a newscaster will mention that one of their security guards died during the hijacking of the broadcast.
  • His character model is seen on other floors in The Stratford Tower.
  • Chris' name will appear if Connor examines his corpse during Public Enemy.


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