Cole Anderson is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He was the son of Hank Anderson.


Cole was born September 23, 2029.[1]

Shortly after he had turned 6 years old, Cole was involved in a car crash. A truck skidded on an ice sheet and Hank's car rolled over. Cole had to have emergency surgery and was operated on by an android because no human was available, but despite its efforts, Cole died on October 11, 2035.[1] Hank claims the human surgeon was unavailable due to being high on Red Ice.[2]

At the time of his death, Cole lived at 115 Michigan Drive, Detroit.[1]

Little is known of Cole as Hank rarely mentions his son to anyone. Cole's death led to his father's heavy alcoholism, suicidal tendencies and intense hatred for androids.

Connor can discover the circumstances of Cole's death during the game.



  • Cole died less than a month after his sixth birthday. During the game's events in November 2038, he would have been 9 years old.
  • Cole's mother is never seen or mentioned. When examining Hank's desk, there is a sticker that says, "If I wanted to be ignored, I'd talk to my ex-wife." This may indicate that Hank was married to and divorced Cole's mother.


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