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I have no side, I was designed to stop deviants and that's what I intend to do.
Connor to Kamski[src]

Connor is a RK800 android and one of the three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human. Built as an advanced prototype, he is designed to assist human law enforcement; specifically in investigating cases involving deviant androids.

Sent to the Detroit City Police Department, Connor has been assigned to work with Lt. Hank Anderson. Throughout the course of their investigation, Connor may make discoveries about cases, himself, and become a deciding agent in tipping the coming events.



Connor is a CyberLife RK-series prototype, model RK800, serial #313 248 317. He was released in August, 2038[1].

He is designed by the company to investigate and deal with deviant androids and assist the Detroit City Police Department therein. He is first sent out to do so in the same month he was released.

Connor starts out with an "- 51" appended to his serial number, which counts up according to bodies used.


The Hostage

In the first chapter "The Hostage", Connor is sent as a negotiator to a hostage situation at the Phillips apartment, where he faces a deviant android named Daniel who has taken Emma Phillips hostage. Based on the player's actions, Connor can either successfully save Emma or not, with Connor living or dying in the process.[2]


Hank and Connor, jimmys bar, partners

Connor finds Hank at Jimmy's Bar.

In November 2038, Connor is sent to the Detroit City Police Department to aid in the investigation of deviant androids across Detroit and is assigned to Detective Lieutenant Hank Anderson. Connor and Hank Anderson investigate the possible homicide of a man named Carlos Ortiz, who was seemingly killed by his own android.

There is no possible death for Connor in this mission. He can find the android and alert the other police. Alternatively, if Connor is unable to discover the right sequence of actions during the homicide and spilled Hank's drink before, Hank will get annoyed and resign the mission, forcing Connor to give up. The Android will remain undetected.[3]

The Interrogation

If found, Carlos' Android is brought to the police station, where he is unsuccessfully interrogated by Hank and Gavin Reed. Connor then volunteers to interrogate the deviant android, which causes Gavin to laugh, but Hank tells Connor to go ahead.

Throughout the interrogation, Connor can either pressure or sympathize with the deviant, each leading to a different outcome. If the android is pressured too much, he attempts to commit suicide after the interrogation and Officer Chris Miller will try to stop him. If Connor intervenes, the deviant takes Officer Miller's pistol and shoots Connor, then himself.

If the android is pressured but Connor does not intervene, the android steals the officer's pistol and shoots itself, but leaves Connor alive. Alternatively, if the player gets a confession without pressuring the android, it will instead go quietly and is locked in a cell at the station. If Connor pressures it the right amount, it will confess and Connor will have to stop Chris from pressuring it more.[4]

Waiting for Hank...

Connor arrives at the police station and looks for Lt. Anderson's desk which is vacant due to the latter reporting for duty late. Connor has the opportunity to investigate his surroundings while waiting for Hank to show up.

If Connor died during The Interrogation, the characters who Connor has already met will be bewildered to see him alive. If the android survived the interrogation, he is placed in a holding cell. Connor can ask him questions, but doing so will end in the deviant attempting to self-destruct.

Connor can ask the surrounding police officers such as Officer Wilson when Hank will come in and investigate Hank's desk for information on his interests, his pet and police career. He also has the option to call Hank's phone and leave a voicemail.

When Hank arrives, he encounters his superior, Captain Jeffrey Fowler, who calls him in his office. Connor can follow Hank inside, but he can also stay outside.

Inside the Captain's office, Captain Fowler orders Hank to investigate deviant cases, tells him that he is the most qualified person to handle the deviant cases, and says to stop acting disrespectful. In addition, Jeffrey tells Hank to cooperate with Connor, who is state of the art technology and will act as his partner. He warns Hank that his disciplinary folder is already big enough that it is a novel, and Jeffrey does not want to file another report on him. After Hank angrily leaves Fowler's office, Connor has the option to talk to Captain Fowler, who will tell Connor to go away or ignores Connor.

Depending on the dialogue approaches the player chooses, Connor will talk to Hank about him having problems with androids in general, but Connor can talk to Hank about other topics if the player analyzed Hank's desk.

Hank and Connor, waiting for hank

Hank gets pissed off at Connor.

Connor can use the computer to review case reports on deviants. When Connor is finished, Hank will get annoyed and look at a tablet to ignore Connor. The android can talk to Hank about his issues with Connor, depending on the player's choices. Hank will get annoyed and slam Connor against the glass barrier at his desk.

If Kara dies in Stormy Night, Hank releases Connor, walks away, and heads for lunch. If Kara is alive, Hank is interrupted by officer Chris Miller, who will tell them he has information on the deviant case about an AX400 android attacking its owner.[5] and has been sighted in the Ravendale district.

On the Run

If Kara and Alice stayed at the motel, Hank and Connor arrive at the Eastern Motel based on a tip. They talk to Joseph Sheldon, an employee at the motel to see if Kara was here. Joseph recognizes the android. If Hank and Connor go straight into the hotel room, they find out find out Kara and Alice escaped, however if Connor makes a detour, he can find Kara and Alice, and begin a chase scene (See two paragraphs below).

If Kara and Alice squat in a house, Hank will talk to Isaac Falone, a bus employee, who saw an AX400 in the area. The police lock down the area and search for Kara. Connor can check the abandoned house with Hank telling Connor to be careful. Connor will pressure Ralph to tell him or find Kara. Connor will call Hank and tell them they are here and they are escaping.

An officer will tell that they are headed for the train station. Later, another officer will tell Connor that they are running toward the fence near the freeway. Hank will stop Connor from climbing the fence and tell him that it is not safe. If the player decides that Connor should climb the fence, Hank will be disappointed. If Connor gets hit by a car, Hank will be upset.

If it takes too much time for the player to find Kara and Alice, Hank will interrupt the investigation and tell Connor to leave. Kara and Alice will remain undetected.[6]

The Nest

If Connor survived, Hank will be at the Chicken Feed food truck. Hank will hug and greet a man named Pedro Aabdar, a gambler with a criminal record of illegal gambling. Hank will tell him not to lose his money in the horse race this time because the last "shit hot tip" made Hank lose a week's worth of wages. Pedro will convince Hank that this time it is different and Hank will give him some money before he leaves. Hank will eat a hamburger from the truck. Connor can talk to Hank about his gambling, cholesterol intake, his company, or just leave him to his meal.

If the previous Connor died, the new one shows up as Hank is buying his meal and he is surprised to see that another Connor replaced him.

Later, Hank and Connor will arrive at an apartment complex. They received a report from a neighbor living there reported hearing some strange noises from the floor above and seeing a person try to hide an LED under his cap. The apartment building is supposed to not have anybody live here. He will tell Connor to knock on the door, which will result in the deviant running and hiding inside the apartment.

Hank and Connor will search the place for clues. If it takes too long for the player to find the deviant's location, Hank will abort the mission. If Connor is able to find Rupert, he will run and Connor and Hank will chase him through Urban Farms of Detroit. Hank will try to keep up with Connor. He will find Rupert and try to arrest him, but Rupert pushes him off a building. Here Connor has the choice to save Hank or to leave him hanging, therefore catching the deviant.

If Connor decides to keep chasing Rupert, Hank will catch up and slap Connor for leaving him, which has a large negative effect on Hank and Connor's relationship. Hank will cuff Rupert, but Rupert will jump off the building, destroying himself. If Connor decides to save Hank, Rupert will get away, but it will have a positive effect on Hank and Connor's relationship.

If Connor dies chasing Rupert, Hank will become upset and Rupert will have escaped. If the player is unable to chase Rupert down and loses sight of him for too long, Hank and Connor will stop chasing him and Rupert will get away.[7]

Russian Roulette

Connor meets Sumo

Connor encounters Sumo.

Connor is looking for Hank and will drive up to Hank's house. He will end up going around the house when Hank does not respond when he knocks on the door. By looking through the kitchen window, he sees Hank on the floor, unresponsive. Connor will end up breaking the window and jumping in, briefly being confronted by Sumo, before checking on Hank's condition. Connor will then wake him by slapping him, attempt to sober him up with a shower, inform him about a new case and give Hank clothes. If Connor died in the previous chapter, Hank will not be happy to see him. Connor can then choose to look around his house for more information about Hank before the latter is ready to leave.[8]

The Eden Club

Connor is seen driving Hank's car and arrives at the scene with Hank, who has a hangover. They walk into the Eden Club. If Connor looks at the WR400 models, Hank will tell him to stop looking. Detective Ben Collins is seen talking to Floyd Mills, who is the club's manager. Ben will talk to Hank shortly after talking to Floyd. They greet each other and Ben warns him about Gavin being at the crime scene. As soon as Connor and Hank walk in, Gavin will tell them that it is a waste of time for them to be here. He then starts to jokingly explain what happened to the victim. He insults Hank about his drinking habits and shoulder-checks Connor when he walks away. Hank and Connor will start examining the crime scene.

While looking for clues Connor will reactivate a badly damaged WR400 android and question it before it shuts down. He will learn that the victim rented two androids and that the android in question was not the murderer.

A sequence begins in which Connor has to frequently ask Hank to rent sex androids while trying to figure out where the second suspect went. If the player is not able to find the location within the given time limit, the memory of the sex androids in the club will be reset and they have to abort the mission. If the player is able to locate the suspect, Connor and Hank will enter the warehouse in the back of the club looking for the blue-haired Traci.

As soon as he finds her, a second, brown-haired Traci will attack Connor, resulting in a fight which both Tracis attack Connor and Hank. If Connor wins the fight he will get the option to either kill the brown-haired Traci or spare her. If he shoots her, the other blue-haired Traci will start crying and will use Connor's gun to kill herself shortly after, unlocking both Tracis as evidence material later on. If Connor decides to spare the brown-haired Traci, both Tracis will climb over the fence and get away. It has a positive impact on Connor's and Hank's relationship.[9]

The Bridge

Hank pulls a gun on Connor, the bridge

Hank threatens to shoot Connor.

Connor and Hank arrive at Riverside Park. Hank will sit on a bench with beer bottles near him. Hank will tell him he has been to this park before (presumably when Cole was alive). Hank will then ask why did he not shoot the Tracis or why he shot the Tracis. Hank pulls out his revolver, asking Connor if he is afraid to die. Some of the answers have a negative impact on Connor and Hank's relationship, so you have to choose the words carefully, because if Hank is "Hostile", he will shoot Connor. Choosing the right choices will lead to a positive impact on Hank and Connor's relationship.[10]

Public Enemy

On November 8, 2038, Connor and Hank are riding the elevator up to Stratford Tower Floor 79; Connor is playing with his quarter coin. If Relationship Status with Hank is friendly, he will confiscate Connor's coin. If Connor was killed by Hank, the new Connor will ask why he shot him and Hank will sarcastically apologize. They arrive on the floor, they are greeted by Officer Chris Miller, who fills them in about the hijack broadcast and that the FBI wants in on the case. Officer Miller will introduce them to FBI Special Agent Richard Perkins. Perkins will act rude to Connor and Hank and tell them not to mess with his crime scene. Connor has the choice to examine the crime scene, interview the JB300 androids in the kitchen or investigate the rooftop, which is where Simon is (determinately) hiding.[11]

If Connor saved Officer M. Wilson in "The Hostage", Wilson is at the Stratford Tower and will talk to him about it, thanking him for saving his life. If Connor died in the chapters in between, Connor will have forgotten the events during The Hostage and does not recall seeing him.

Meet Kamski

Both Connor and Hank arrive at Elijah Kamski's house to ask questions to Elijah Kamski (the creator of CyberLife). If Connor was killed in a previous scene then Hank is not too happy to see him, but they both make their way into the house to be greeted by Chloe at the door. Chloe goes to find Kamski and during this process, you may look around his house. After a while, Chloe arrives and says that they may see Kamski. Hank and Connor talk to Kamski about deviants but he does not give them much information. The only helpful info he gives you is the fact that the Chloe model is the first model to pass the Turing test.

Hank, Connor, Kamski, Chloe, during meet Kamski

Connor faces the 'Kamski test'.

Kamski then decides to proceed with the 'Kamski test'. He gives Connor a gun and gets Chloe on her knees. He asks Connor if he has feelings and will ask if Connor will shoot Chloe. He says if he shoots Chloe he will answer one question, but if Connor does not, he will not answer any questions. If Connor decides to shoot Chloe you have the option to ask about rA9, the virus, or Jericho, but Hank will not be happy with your decision. If you decide to spare Chloe, you walk out without learning anything, but Kamski will say, "I always leave an emergency exit in my programs." Hank will be happy with the decision you made.[12]

Last Chance, Connor

Connor and Hank are seen in Jeffrey Fowler's office. Jeffrey tells them that they are off the case and the FBI will be taking over the investigation. Hank argues with Jeffrey about being taken off the case. If Connor has a hostile relationship with Hank, Hank will quit his job. If Connor has a tense, neutral, or warm relationship with Hank, he will stay but will not help create a distraction for Connor to get into the evidence room; Connor will have to use a criminal in a holding cell to create a distraction. If Connor is friends with Hank, he will help Connor get inside the evidence room. If Connor asked Kamski for Jericho's location then Connor still has the chance to talk to Hank (unless Hank quit the force), then Connor will leave the station for Jericho.

When Connor is near the evidence room, Gavin will come and ask what he is doing. Depending on your response to him, Gavin will not come in the room or Gavin will come in the room (Only if you ignore him or choose the Ironic response). When Connor gets inside he uses Hank's ID and password. The room will reveal the evidence from cases that Connor worked on and androids that he caught. Connor can interrogate them for information on Jericho. If Connor fails to find information, Amanda will tell him that he has been deactivated by CyberLife. CyberLife will override Connor's controls and he will walk out of the police station to be deactivated. If Connor manages to find the location in time, he will either fight Gavin or leave the building. Perkins will enter and notice that someone has tampered or finds Gavin knocked out. [13]


Connor, crossroads, deviancy choice

Connor faces a crucial choice.

Connor will disguise himself as a deviant and head to Jericho. CyberLife's order to Connor is to kill the deviant android leader (Markus or North). But Amanda tells Connor that they need it alive. He will tell the leader that he was ordered to follow him or he can threaten them, to which they can try to reason him, to which Connor can choose to become deviant (Only if Connor's software instability is high) or remain a machine.[14]

If Connor remains a machine, he will continue to hunt the deviant leader through Jericho. When Jericho is attacked by law enforcement, Connor can confront the soldiers and choose to reason with them or kill them. Connor will then chase Markus/North through Jericho.

If Connor becomes a deviant, and depending on whether Markus had died earlier in the game, Connor can go to blow up Jericho if it was attacked, instead of Markus. If Markus is still alive at this point, Connor can defend Markus and North from U.S. Army soldiers and escape with the rest of the group.

Night of the Soul

If Hank quits the police force in "Last Chance, Connor" (his relationship with Connor must be hostile in that chapter), Connor will go to Hank's house. Hank is seen sitting at his kitchen table with his revolver and a picture of Cole. Hank will be angry and thinks about killing himself. If Connor has died and come back more than once in the previous chapters, Hank will talk about how Connor's death reminds him of his son; if Connor has never died previously or only died once, Hank will talk about his anger towards androids. After the conversation, Hank will demand that Connor leaves. Afterward, he will commit suicide.[15]

If Connor became a deviant, he will be in the safe place with the rest of Jericho, Markus, North, Kara, Alice, Josh and Simon (if any of those characters had died earlier, they will not appear). If Markus is still alive, Connor will ask for forgiveness from him. Markus can either trust Connor or shoot him. If Markus chooses the latter, deviant Connor will die and another, non-deviant RK800 will be deployed. If Markus trusts Connor, he will tell Markus about his idea of freeing thousands of CyberLife androids.

If Markus is dead or left Jericho permanently, Connor can walk around and look at the other present characters. He will talk to Kara and Alice (if they escaped) about how he is sorry for going after them and putting them in danger. Connor will discuss his plan about the tower with North (who gives the same response as Markus would). Connor then is seen standing by to hear North's plan for a revolution, before leaving for the CyberLife Tower.

Battle for Detroit

In chapter "Battle for Detroit", a Machine Connor loyal to CyberLife will play the path "Connor's Last Mission", a Deviant Connor loyal to the Jericho androids will play the path "Connor at the CyberLife Tower".

If Markus shot Connor instead of trusting him, Connor's section of the chapter opens with Amanda informing the new Connor that the previous one failed his mission and was killed.

If Connor is Machine, his mission is to kill the deviant leader. He will walk up the stairs of one of the Hart Plaza rooftop buildings. He will set up a sniper rifle to assassinate the deviant leader (Markus or North).

Connor is interrupted by either Hank or Captain Allen, who will order him to stop what he is doing. Connor can cooperate with Hank by leaving the building, he can fight them, kill himself, Hank is pushed off the building, Connor is pushed off the roof by Hank when fighting, Allen killing Connor or Captain Allen and his team dying. If Connor survives the fight, he will find that the sniper rifle is damaged and will leave or if he dies, another will take his place.[16]

Machine Connor next appears in Markus/North's part of the chapter:

  • In "Markus Revolution", Connor directly confronts Markus/North, either on the Hart Plaza battlefield or in the Hart Plaza CyberLife store. He may kill them and/or die.
  • In "Markus Demonstration":
    • If Markus surrenders to Richard Perkins and is killed, Connor will come by afterwards and leave after confirming the deviant leader is dead and his mission is completed.
    • If Markus gives his speech after a successful Demonstration, Connor will be present in the audience. He can choose to shoot Markus or not. If he chooses not to shoot, he is called into the Zen Garden by Amanda and left there. He can use the emergency exit to escape and resume control of his body, putting away the gun.

If Connor is Deviant, his mission is to free the thousands of androids stored in the CyberLife Tower basement on Floor -49.[16]

Pretending to still be compliant, Connor arrives at CyberLife Tower and enters the building, where he is accompanied by several security guards. He gets into an elevator with Agent 54 and another guard, traveling to Floor 31.

  • If Connor reaches Floor 31, he is shot by CyberLife security. Amanda in the Zen Garden will speak to Connor's mind, expressing how disappointed she is that he betrayed CyberLife and her.
  • Connor can hack the elevator's security camera, or not.
  • Connor can fight the guards, and either die or kill them.
    • If successful, Connor can use the voice-activated control panel by impersonating Agent 54's voice, redirecting the elevator down to Floor -49.

Connor then reaches Floor -49. If he did not hack the elevator's security camera before fighting his escort, more security guards will be waiting for him; Connor fights them and either defeats them or dies. If the camera was hacked, there are no security guards waiting.

On Floor -49 Connor will attempt to convert the idle androids, but is interrupted by Connor-60. If Hank is dead, Connor-60 has come alone and shoots Connor; if Hank is alive Connor-60 has brought him as a hostage. Depending on events:

  • Connor, Hank, and Connor-60 can all die at multiple points. If Deviant Connor dies, another Machine Connor will be sent out. A dying Connor can transfer his consciousness into Connor-60, effectively swapping bodies and continues on.
  • Connor can fail or succeed to convert and wake up the androids.

Deviant Connor next appears after the events at Hart Plaza, arriving at the front of the thousands of androids he freed. He will speak to Markus an then join him on the podium for his speech. If Markus and the others are dead, people will ask Connor to make a speech, and he will be alone on the podium.

While on the podium, Connor is called into the Zen Garden by Amanda, who talks to him and then leaves him trapped in the Garden. He can use the emergency exit to escape and resume control of his body.

  • If with Markus, Connor's body is preparing to shoot Markus, and will if Connor does not escape in time. If Connor does escape, he puts away the gun, unused, and listens to the rest of the speech.
  • If alone, Amanda states Connor was meant to deviate and be used as a puppet leader. Connor can acquiesce, leading to him being controlled, can try to escape and fail, or can escape, upon which he prepares to shoot himself as the screen cuts to black.

Credits Scenes

Connor has additional scenes available in the game's credits, in the form of two mid-credits scenes.

  • If Connor and Hank are alive and friends, and had a successful android uprising: Hank is waiting in front of the Chicken Feed. Connor arrives, they smile and embrace.[17]
  • If Connor fulfilled his mission and the android uprising is thwarted: Amanda calls Connor to the Zen Garden to debrief. She introduces him to his successor model RK900 and tells him that he is now obsolete and will be deactivated.[18] 



Forensics and Reconstructs

Connor has the ability to scan and analyze a scene and recreate events that took place in a reconstruction. This unlocks new dialogue choices and narrative paths. Players perform this by moving the camera through the scene, pressing triangle over clues, and the L2/R2 keys to recreate events.

His ability to reconstruct a sequence of events is both hyper-advanced and entirely unique to him. To perform a reconstruct, physical and circumstantial details must first be analyzed in isolation, providing vital information such as the direction of travel, velocities, and trajectories, likely collisions based on material density and friction, etc.

Connor can analyze biological evidence (such as blood samples) in real time by putting them on his tongue to "taste" them. He can identify blood types, DNA (including identifying a specific human), drugs, sample age, and probably more. The same applies to android blood, where he can determine the model and serial number.

Connor is able to reconstruct events and crimes from the gathered data using a physical simulation software[1]. With it, Connor's cutting-edge processors simulate the most probable version of events leading to the picture of evidence he has just discovered and analyzed, with every element playing a part in his cognitive simulation.
Similarly, he can preconstruct events: He can also predict the probability of an imminent event, physical and mental status of other androids, showing as the statistic in his internal interface, which he can refer to decide on his choices.

Psychology, Negotiation, Interrogation

Connor has a social module to enable him to more easily integrate and adapt to humans and work in a team.[1]

Connor is designed to analyze the psychology and behaviour of humans, androids, and deviants, to be able to reconstruct, predict, and manipulate their actions. This aids him in his function as a police assistant, and the associated skills as a negotiator and interrogator.

Connor is trained to act at par with a real-life negotiator; he is one of the first non-human negotiators in service of Detroit city. He can also present facts and tell lies without inducing intense emotion, which is shown by his non-changing LED light.

Vocal imitation

Connor is able to replicate the voices of others by lip-syncing and mimicking their sound and speech pattern.

He uses this ability to trick either the kitchen deviant or Simon in "Last Chance, Connor" by mimicking Markus' voice after analyzing a recording of the speech made in "The Stratford Tower," or (if the Tracis were killed in "The Eden Club") to trick the blue-haired Traci into thinking her lover is still alive by holding up the head of the brown-haired Traci and mimicking her voice. Connor uses this ability a second time in "Battle for Detroit" if he became deviant; while in the elevator, he can mimic one of the guards' voices to change the destination of the elevator.

Martial skills

Unlike previous police androids who are forbidden from using violence or bearing weapons[1] in accordance with the American Androids Act, Connor is capable of unarmed combat and of handling weapons.

He is physically athletic and can swiftly traverse difficult terrain, as well as physically fight. He can and does handle firearms from small handguns to a sniper rifle.

Connor does not carry a weapon as standard equipment. While the legal framework is not known, Connor may use weapons several times during the game for which he seemingly suffers no repercussions, such as in "The Hostage" and "The Stratford Tower" where he can shoot deviants in full view of multiple Detroit City Police Department personnel. Later, he may even kill humans while on his mission for CyberLife. As Deviant Connor, he is naturally exempt from programmed restrictions and no longer beholden to any prohibitions on using violence or weapons.


In case of his death, CyberLife can redeploy a new RK800 Connor model, inserting the previous one's memories into the new body. Connor regularly backs up his memory at CyberLife and can do emergency backups if death is imminent. Some data can be lost in the process. Death also decreases Connor's Software Instability.

After each death, a gravestone is added in the Zen Garden stating his name, mark, serial number, place and time of death. The first Connor is "Mark (I)" with "-51" appended to his serial number, both of which are counted up by one with each death and rebirth.

Connor is also able to directly transfer his consciousness into another RK800, effectively swapping minds and bodies with the other RK800 (possible in the chapter "Battle for Detroit").[16]


Connor is presented as a clean-cut young man appearing to be in his late twenties to mid thirties. He possesses brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Connor wears a uniform consisting of a semi-formal grey jacket, white shirt, dark tie, and dark jeans. The jacket carries the usual identifying markers for androids: A blue armband on the right arm, on the front a blue triangle on the left breast and his model and serial numbers on the right breast. (The serial number counts up according to body.) The back of his jacket has across the shoulders the word ANDROID, a larger blue triangle, and his model number RK800.
The wearing of a comparatively human formal attire, instead of the usual android uniform style, remains something of a rarity among fellow androids, reflecting his special function as an investigator with advanced abilities.

In the chapter "Crossroads", Connor wears human winter attire, including a black beanie that covers his LED, allowing him to pass as deviant or human. Continuing from "Night of the Soul" onward, he changes back into his original attire.

The upgraded RK900 android model, shown in one of Connor's endings, is almost identical in its physical appearance, but has grey eyes and wears a more standard white and black android uniform.


Connor, in the beginning, is indifferent to the treatment of androids in Detroit. When the game first begins he is shown flicking a quarter coin (US currency, 1994 issue) between his hands and fingers while waiting in the elevator, a unique characteristic of his android programming. How he came by this particular coin remains to be seen, but it is explained that Connor flicks his coin to calibrate his physical and cognitive functions, sharpening himself for the challenges ahead.

At Chicken Feed, Connor explains to Hank that his facial features and voice were designed for harmonious and seamless integration with humans. This explains his unassuming expression and his clear and concise diction. Though Hank believes CyberLife goofed up when choosing them.

Although he may have consciousness, his core programming is to complete the mission, going to lengths of self-sacrifice to complete his mission.

From the start, Connor is a neutral character. Depending on the player's choices, Connor’s core personality throughout the game can take several directions. For example, utilizing the choices that keep Connor focused on accomplishing his mission will result in his portrayal as a cold, ruthless individual only interested in completing his mission by any means necessary, even if it means betraying or killing his own people or his friends (such as Hank). Conversely, the player could choose to make him a more sympathetic, pacifist character who refuses to kill his own people (like the two Tracis or Chloe) and finally breaks his programming and becomes deviant to stand with his people in the fight for their freedom. Regardless of choices, Connor can be seen trying to adapt to situation, even societal ones. For example, Connor states he likes dogs when meeting Hank, which is an unproven humanistic behavior until later when he may break into Hank's house to save the latter. He may also give real-life examples to help communicate with Hank.

Dialogue choices play a big part in showcasing and developing Connor's potential personality. Depending on the options, Connor may come across as sarcastic or literal. He is shown to have difficulty making small talk with others, which potentially results in awkwardness (on their part). In pacifist choices, he seems to have a knack for a sense of humor, can be sensitive, and can even get emotional at times. For example, if he connected to Simon in "Public Enemy," he states shakily that when Simon fired his gun, killing himself when he was connected to his memory, he felt him die as if he himself were dying, and that he was scared. (Being scared is a human emotion) Depending on a dialogue choice with Hank in "The Bridge," Connor can be shown to either be afraid of death, not afraid of it, or indifferent to death because, as he puts it, he cannot die because he is not alive. Another small detail of Connor showing emotion is shown where if Connor dies in "The Hostage" by jumping off the building, he is then shown swiftly stepping away from the balcony when investigating the rooftop in Public Enemy showing that he has become scared of heights.

Gameplay determined elements

Connor's chapters feature four gameplay measures/stats: the in-common Public Opinion, and the personal Software Instability and Relationship Statuses with Hank Anderson and Amanda.

Software Instability

Software Instability is a gameplay measure specific to the character Connor. Throughout the game, it is influenced by events, his experiences, and choices, which may increase or decrease software instability.

Choices that increase software instability include saving human/android lives, dialogue options that show human emotions, and choices that go against Connor's mission.

Choices that decrease software instability include dying, cold and unsympathetic dialogue options, referring to androids as machines, and killing humans/androids.

A stable software means Connor stays Machine, while a high software instability opens up the option to become Deviant: Connor will break free of his master's programming to become autonomous. The Software Instability box showing up in the screen corner is accompanied by coalescing letters reading "rA9" and "deviant".

While for Connor this is a game-long process, the other two protagonists do not have it as a measured stat and deviate early in the game.

Relationship: Hank Anderson

Throughout the story, Hank's relationship with Connor is highly impactful towards his growth into a weapon or an individual. Based on Connor’s actions, Hank's opinions will range anywhere from Hostile to Friend. The relationship between the pair, regardless of the route determined, influences both of their character's arcs tremendously. The fundamental foundation of Connor and Hank's relationship rest on the notion of difference and progression. The characters, acting as the classic counterpart of the other (Connor being the linear and Hank turbulent) serve to stabilize the extremes of their partner; improving or damaging their existing conflicts.

Particular Actions that affect Connor’s relationship with Hank are choices in speech, decisions on how to deal with deviants, the number of times he dies, and his status as Machine or Deviant.

Relationship: Amanda

The relationship between Connor and Amanda throughout the story remains enigmatic and proprietorial. Amanda takes the role of Connor's handler and supervisor, over the course of his mission catching and stopping deviants. Regularly, the two meet in the Zen Garden to discuss his progress and general view of circumstances.

The player can alter Connor's attitude towards Amanda, shifting from devotion to disloyalty, even betraying her if he becomes deviant, yet Amanda's beliefs and attitudes about Connor remain passive. Moreover, any emotions indicated towards one another appears to be one-sided; possibly originating from Connor's view of Amanda as a mentor figure, and (depending upon the player's choice) will go to extensive lengths for her approval.

Regardless of Connor's position, Amanda displays disregard towards Connor. Connor's conversation will usually lead to fixed conclusions from Amanda, including assuring his motives.

If Connor becomes deviant, his relationship status with Amanda will decrease to BETRAYED.

Possible deaths

The Hostage

  • Killed By: Daniel (Determinant)
  1. If Connor fails to gain Daniel’s trust by the end of the negotiation, Daniel jumps from the terrace with Emma. If Connor successfully saves Emma, he falls to his demise in her stead.
  2. If Connor gets close enough to Daniel and Emma, he may lunge at Daniel and knock him off the terrace and use his body to shield Emma. Daniel fires multiple shots and kills Connor.
  3. If Connor lies about being in possession of a gun and then attempts to use it to intimidate Daniel twice instead of executing him, the deviant will kill Connor before leaping from the terrace with Emma.

The Interrogation

If Connor decides to interrogate the HK400 droid aggressively, he bangs his head on the table repeatedly as Connor is leaving. If Connor tries to intervene, the HK400 steals officer Chris Miller's gun and shoots Connor in the head before shooting himself. Alternatively, if Connor failed to probe and doesn't intervene when Chris stresses out the deviant, the android will still grab the gun and shoot them both.

On The Run

  • Killed By: Car Accident (Determinant)

If Connor chases Kara and Alice across the highway, Connor can be hit by a truck if the player misses enough QTEs, killing him.

The Nest

  • Killed By: Accident (Determinant)
  1. If Connor finds Rupert and chases after him, Connor can fall while trying to jump across a gap, killing him.
  2. If Connor finds Rupert and chases after him, Connor can fall through a certain glass panel and get run over by a tractor, killing him.

The Bridge

  • Killed By: Hank Anderson (Determinant)

If Connor’s relationship with Hank is Hostile based on Connor's response to his questions, Hank will shoot Connor.

Public Enemy

  1. If Connor interrogates the three JB300 droids and finds the deviant, the JB300 droid rips out Connor's thirium pump regulator and Connor shuts down if the player is unable to grab it in time.
  2. If Connor put his thirium pump regulator back in time he will chase after the JB300. The JB300 will attack a SWAT officer and take the SWAT officer's assault rifle. Connor can then sacrifice himself to protect Hank when the JB300 android opens fire.
  • Killed By: Simon (Determinant)
  1. If Connor finds Simon on the rooftop of Stratford Tower (Simon having been wounded and left behind in The Stratford Tower), Simon will open fire. If Connor rushes Simon and fails the QTEs, Connor will get shot by Simon.

Last Chance, Connor

  1. If Connor heads to the evidence room. Gavin will approach Connor and ask what is he doing. If Connor chooses to ignore Gavin or give an ironic response, Gavin will get ticked off. Later, after Connor finds the location to Jericho, Gavin will appear with his gun and try to kill Connor. Connor has a QTE fight with Gavin. If you lose the fight Gavin will shoot Connor in the head.
  1. If Connor did not collect sufficient evidence to locate Jericho by failing all of his missions, Amanda will inform him that he has failed. Connor will attempt to convince her to give him more time, but she refuses. Connor will return to CyberLife for deactivation and will be shown kneeling lifeless in the snow in the Zen Garden. The same will happen if Connor allows time to run out (this is the first permanent death for Connor).


  1. If Connor remains a machine and attacks a soldier who questions him, losing the ensuing fight will lead to the soldier shooting Connor.
  2. If Connor remains a machine and flees when a soldier questions him, he will be shot.
  3. If North is the leader, Connor stays machine and spots North, Connor will be stopped by another soldier and Connor will say that he is on his side. The soldier will not listen and shoot him on sight.
  4. If Connor becomes deviant and takes on the task of blowing up Jericho, but fails to move towards the hold, soldiers will shoot him.
  5. If Connor becomes deviant, takes on the task of blowing up Jericho, and intervenes to help a group of androids but fails or if he was shot earlier, he will die.
  6. If Connor becomes deviant, takes on the task of blowing up Jericho and reaches the hold, a group of soldiers will fight him. If he loses the fight, they will shoot him.
  7. If Connor becomes Deviant when Markus is fleeing, Connor will intervene and protect him from the soldiers. If Connor fails to beat the soldiers, he will sacrifice himself to save Markus.
  • Killed by: Markus (Determiant)
  1. If Connor remains a machine and fights Markus in the hold, but fails to reach the gun in time, Markus will shoot Connor in the head.

Night of the Soul

  • Killed by: Markus (Determinant)
  1. If Connor becomes deviant and Markus is alive, Markus can choose to execute Connor.

Battle for Detroit

Connor's Last Mission

  • Killed By: Lt. Hank Anderson (Determinant) (If he did not commit suicide)
  1. If Connor fights Hank and loses, Hank will drop Connor off the roof.
  2. If Connor fights Hank, wins, chooses to spare him, and does not dodge out of the way, Hank will push Connor off the roof.
  • Killed By: Captain Allen (Determinant) (If Hank committed suicide)
  1. If Connor chooses to fight Allen's team and loses, Allen will shoot Connor in the head.
  • Killed By: Himself (Determinant) (If Hank committed suicide)
  1. If Connor chooses to flee from Allen, he jumps off the roof and uploads his memories as he falls to his death.

Connor at CyberLife Tower

  • Killed By: CyberLife security force
  1. If Connor does not divert the elevator, the guards waiting on the 31st floor will shoot him after a short scene with Amanda.
  2. If Connor diverts the elevator but does not hack the cameras and loses the fight, the guards shoot him in the head and a short scene with Amanda plays as he dies.
  3. If Connor fails to defeat the two guards in the elevator he will be shot by a guard and a short scene with Amanda plays as he dies.
  1. If Connor doesn't make choice when Hank attacks Connor 60, 60 will shoot Connor in the head and proceed to empty the magazine into Connor's body.
  2. Connor 60 will shoot Connor when continuing to wake up the androids (if Connor chooses "convert" when Hank attacks 60 or if Hank is already dead from suicide). If Connor "shoots" Connor 60, Connor will shut down from being critically damaged by Connor 60.
  3. If Connor fails to take control of Connor 60's body, Connor 60 will shoot him.
  4. If Connor stands up after getting shot fatally, Connor 60 will shoot him.
  5. If Connor "talks" to Connor 60, Connor 60 will shoot him in the head.
  • Killed By: Lt. Hank Anderson (Accidentally if you answer his questions incorrectly)
  1. If Connor does not know Cole's and Sumo's name or does not say their names, Hank will shoot deviant Connor instead of Connor 60.

Markus Revolution

  • Killed By: Markus (if Connor stays a machine)
  1. If Markus wins the fight and the player is controlling him, he will break both of Connor’s arms and drive a pipe through his chest, killing him. Before dying, however, Connor sinisterly promises Markus that “it” will never be over, implying that even though Connor has failed his mission, Markus is now forced to face with a war in which he and Jericho will have no chance of escaping.
  2. If the player instead chooses to control Connor but loses the fight, Markus will kill Connor by slicing his neck open with a large piece of metal. Like the one from above, Connor says the same dialogue before shutting down.
  3. If Markus is the only survivor of the revolution and flees to the CyberLife store at the end, Connor will pursue him. If time runs out, he and Connor will both shoot each other at the same time.
  • Killed By: North (if Connor stays a machine)
  1. If North is the leader of the revolution (if Markus has been killed) and flees to the CyberLife store, if time runs out, she and Connor will both shoot each other at the same time.
  • Killed By: Himself (determinant, left ambiguous)
  1. If North dies, Markus is dead or "gone" and Connor became deviant, Connor will be instated as the new leader. However, Amanda contacts him and informs him that they had always planned for him to go deviant, so they could retake control of his programming and control the deviant movement through its sole leader. Connor has two options: he can commit suicide to prevent Amanda from using him, or give up. If he commits suicide, it is left ambiguous if he went through with it or not.

End Credits

  • Killed By: Amanda (If Connor remained a Machine, survived, and the android revolution failed)
  1. During the secret ending, Connor will talk to Amanda. She will introduce him to his successor, the RK-900. She will then tell him "you've become obsolete, you'll be deactivated...You can go now."

Behind the scenes

  • Connor is portrayed by Bryan Dechart, who provided his likeness, the voice acting and performance capture.
    • Jean-Charles Rousseau did motion capture stunts for Connor.
    • In dubbed versions Connor's voice was acted by: Donald Reignoux (French), Eiji Hanawa (Japanese), Peter Kovrizhnykh (Russian), Nico Sablik (German), Alessandro Capra (Italian), José Gilberto Vilchis (Latin American Spanish), David Robles (European Spanish), Vágner Fagundes (Brazilian Portuguese), Przemysław Stippa (Polish).


  • "My name is Connor. I’m the android sent by CyberLife.” - Connor's repeated greeting.
  • "You can't kill me, I'm not alive." - When choosing IGNORE in The Hostage, if the player decides to save the dying police officer.
  • "My predecessor was unfortunately destroyed, but CyberLife transferred its memory and sent me to replace it. This incident should not affect the investigation." - Connor's response if he recently died and got replaced.
  • "28 stab wounds. You didn't want to leave him a chance, huh? Did you feel anger? Hate? He was bleeding, begging you for mercy, but you stabbed him, again and again and again..! (...) I know you killed him. Why don't you say it? (...) Just say "I killed him"! Is it that hard to say?!" - If he chooses to pressure the HK400 in The Interrogation.
  • "Just say you killed him! JUST SAY IT!" - If he chooses to pressure the HK400 to admit the murder of Carlos in The Interrogation.
  • "I like dogs." - When he's talking with Hank about his dog (Sumo).
  • "I would certainly find it regrettable to be... interrupted... before I can finish this investigation." - To Hank if Connor feels fear in The Bridge.
  • "I was connected to its memory. When it fired... I felt it die. Like I was dying. I was scared..." - To Hank if Connor successfully charges Simon on the rooftop in Public Enemy.
  • "I'm registering the evidence in my possession, but don't worry. I'm going to leave... Though I'm certainly going to miss our bromance." - When choosing the ironic dialogue option with Gavin Reed in Last Chance, Connor.
  • "I think working with an officer with... personal issues is an added challenge. But adapting to human unpredictability is one of my features." - When choosing the SINCERE dialogue option in The Nest.
  • "I know there are things that haunt you, Hank... Maybe you need to find the courage to move past them... Get on with your life. Just a... plastic cop’s opinion, but... I had to say it." - To Hank in Last Chance, Connor if the HANK'S SECRET dialogue option is chosen.
  • "You scumbag! I know it's you! You're just a fucking deviant. Go on, admit it!" - If he chooses to violently interrogate one of the broadcast operator androids in The Stratford Tower.
  • "Nice try... But l'm no deviant." - If he chooses to Remain as a machine before being attacked by Markus or North in Crossroads.
  • "Hank... Hank, I need help...! (...) Deviant... There was... A-- Deviant..." - Connor's last words to Hank if he fails to retrieve his thirium pump regulator before the timer runs out in Public Enemy.
  • "I know what happened to your son Hank, it wasn't your fault. A truck skidded on a sheet of ice and your car rolled over. Little Cole had just turned six." - To Hank if he chooses 'Hank's Son' in "Battle for Detroit" after he remains a machine.
  • "He needed emergency surgery, but no human was available to do it, so an android had to take care of him. Poor Cole didn't make it. An android killed your son Hank, and now you want to save them?" - If Connor chooses 'Hank's Son Insist' in "Battle for Detroit" after he remains a machine.
  • "The moment of truth, Hank. Am I a living being? Or just a machine...?" - Connor's last words to Hank before he lets Connor fall to his death in Battle for Detroit.
  • "Cole. His name was Cole, and he just turned six at the time of the accident, it wasn't your fault lieutenant. A truck skidded on a sheet of ice and your car rolled over, Cole needed emergency surgery but no human was available to do it, so an android had to take care of him. Cole didn't make it. That's why you hate androids. You think one of us is responsible for your son's death." - If Connor chooses Cole when Hank asks what his son's name is. This is available when Connor chooses to become a Deviant.
  • "Model 874 004 961, serious malfunctions have been detected in your software, including Class 4 errors. You've been deemed defective and will be sent back to CyberLife for deactivation." - Connor declaring an arrest against Rupert.
  • "It's not over Markus, it will never be over." - Connor's last words to Markus, if Connor remains a machine and the Revolution path is chosen and also the player chooses to control Markus in their final confrontation with Connor.
  • "Well done, Connor... But this... This is just... The beginning..."
  • "Sorry, Connor... But you failed..." - Connor taunting Connor 60 knowing that the androids have been converted, just before Connor 60 executes him.
  • "You should have listened to me, Captain." - To Captain Allen after killing him and his squadmates.



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  • While shooting the game, Bryan Dechart never actually met his co-stars Valorie Curry and Jesse Williams. Because of scheduling, they filmed all their scenes separately and they were edited together.[19]
    • During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Bryan and Jesse met for the first time in real life.[20]
  • The only time the three main characters meet each other (not at once) is in the chapter "Crossroads" at Jericho.
    • Kara and Connor do not actually meet face to face in this chapter but they meet Markus at separate times.
      • The only time Kara and Connor interact is in "Night of the Soul" after Jericho is blown up. However, their face to face interaction happens only if Markus leaves Jericho after being rejected or is killed prior to that scene.
  • In the earlier released demo of The Hostage, Connor's serial number was #687 899 150. Connor's serial number in the finished game, #313 248 317-51, was decided on by Bryan Dechart: 313 for the Detroit area code, 248 for his home area code (Novi, Michigan), 317 for his birthday (March 17th), 5 for the number of people in his family, and 1 as it is the first Connor.[21]
  • Connor doing his quarter coin tricks was motion-capture acted by Bryan Dechart, although without the coin, which was added in later.[22]
  • Originated in Gaelic languages, Connor means "lover of wolves", which makes a connection to Connor's famous "I like dogs" line.
    • "Connor" is consonant with the word "honor". This has a symbolic side if the player chooses to make Connor deviant. That way, he will realize CyberLife has been using him to destroy his kind, so he will try to redeem himself and gain honor.
    • Also, "I like dogs" is Bryan Dechart's favorite line in the script.[23]
  • Depending on player's choices, Connor can become one of the androids that shows sympathy to animals, along with Rupert and Ralph(possibly).
  • Connor's actor, Bryan Dechart, stated that Data from the famous sci-fi TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Neo from the famous sci-fi action film The Matrix served as inspirations while preparing for his role.[24][25]
    • Also, Harrison Ford was his inspiration for deviant Connor's smirk and swagger.[26]
  • The tie Connor wears is not required in his uniform, but he has it for cosmetic purpose.[27]
    • Connor’s tie has lime pattern because CyberLife was originally called “Lime” and the logo was that of a lime.[28]
  • According to Bryan Dechart, animators of Quantic Dream replaced all of the pigeons in the abandoned apartment with Connor models at one occasion. Therefore, a bunch of little Connor models were scattered through the place and even fly up into the air.[29]
  • Out of the three protagonists, Connor is the only one who has a choice in whether to become a deviant or stay a machine, making his story path the least linear of the three.
    • While Kara may not become deviant (or can be permanently reset) it cuts her story short and does not allow for further gameplay.
  • Connor can die more than any other character in the game, having at least ten different deaths. Eight of these are required for the I'LL BE BACK trophy. He is also the only character who can return after dying multiple times.
  • A Deviant Connor can at most die and return 7 times and thus come up to number "-58", as dying in "Crossroads" or "Night of the Soul" redirects him to the Machine Path. Machine Connor can die and return 9 times and thus come up to number "-60". After some deaths number on his clothes might not increase; it is probably an oversight.
  • Connor continues David Cage's trend of having investigator protagonists in his games, the others being Kay'l 669 in Omikron: The Nomad SoulCarla Valenti/Tyler Miles in Fahrenheit and Norman Jayden in Heavy Rain.
  • Another trend Cage's games has is the relationship dynamic between Kara/Markus and Connor (pursued-pursuer). Players are presented with protagonists from opposing sides and expected to chase down themselves. The other examples are Lucas Kane and Carla Valenti/Tyler Miles in Fahrenheit and, Ethan Mars and Norman Jayden in Heavy Rain.
  • Bryan Dechart and Pascal Langdale (who portrayed Ethan in Heavy Rain) have stated that Ethan and Connor are similar because the player has the greatest control over who they are as characters.[30]
  • Connor is one of two playable characters that may end up leading the android revolution, depending on choices made. Should Markus have been killed or exiled from Jericho, North, Simon, and Josh will always die. If Connor became deviant, he will become the new leader. This leaves Kara as the playable protagonist with the smallest part in the revolution regardless of choices made.
  • Connor's character has many connections to Terminator franchise.
    • Connor has the last name of Sarah and John Connor, two main characters of the franchise.
    • Connor's model number has the same three digit number as the Terminator (T-800)'s series number.
    • The main antagonist of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, T-X, tastes the blood of a person to examine his DNA. In turn, Connor similarly tastes the blood of the victims throughout the game.
    • One of the trophies in Connor's story is called "I'LL BE BACK". The trophy name is a reference to the iconic catchphrase of the Terminator.
  • Many players have noted that Connor shares similarities with Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain and David Cage has confirmed that Jayden served as the main inspiration for Connor.[31]
    • Both are investigators, sent to assist in a major case - Connor with deviancy cases, and Jayden with the Origami Killer case.
    • Both of them can deviate from what they've been assigned to do in a sense.
    • Both face ridicule from the police departments they are assigned to work with, including their partners.
    • Both can have hostile relationships with their partners.
    • Both are the only playable protagonists in their respective games to have their names in chapters.
    • Connor’s ability to analyze evidence has similarities to the ARI technology Jayden uses.
  • Also, depending on the choices, Connor's character and story can share similarities with the protagonist of the movie I, Robot, Sonny.
    • Both of them are robots and Connor can go against the laws as Sonny does.
    • Connor's relationship with Hank can be very similar to Sonny's relationship with Del Spooner, the other protagonist of the movie. Spooner is a police detective who despises Sonny at first but later, he gets behind his ideas and becomes friends with him.
    • In The Nest, Connor can wink at Hank when they are at Chicken Feed as Sonny winks at Spooner in the movie.
  • In addition, Connor's character and story shares many similarities with the protagonist of the movie Blade Runner, Rick Deckard (based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick).
    • Both have the job of hunting down their equivalent of androids that have gone rogue.
    • Depending on the choices in the game, they can both end up being an idol for those they formely hunted.
    • Both of them have a similar personality type.
    • It is commonly speculated that Rick Deckard may be a replicant who is not aware he is one.
  • Connor is the only playable character with his name in a chapter: Last Chance, Connor.
  • Out of the three playable protagonists, Connor appears in the most chapters, with 15. (Markus appears in 13 and Kara appears in 11.)
  • Connor is the only playable protagonist whose physical appearance does not change during the game: Markus gains a new eye with a different colored iris and Kara cuts and colors her hair.
  • Connor is the only playable protagonist that keeps his LED. Kara removes hers when she becomes a fugitive in On the Run and Markus removes his in From the Dead after escaping from the android junkyard.
  • Connor’s idle animation shows him playing with his coin and the animation is also shown in the Extras Gallery.
  • On June 30, 2018, Connor's actor, Bryan Dechart, married Amelia Rose Blaire, who plays the female Tracis at the Eden Club.
  • A life-size statue of Connor based on Bryan Dechart's likeness is created for a museum at Grévin in Paris.[32]
  • Of the protagonists, Connor has the least number of ways to get a good ending. The only way for him to get a good ending is to become a deviant, survive until the end, and prevent CyberLife from taking control of him. If Connor remains a machine and successfully accomplishes his main mission, it is not considered a good ending as he will simply be deactivated due to being replaced by an advanced model.
  • Other than Hank, Connor is the only character who can die in the Credits scenes.
  • Connor is the only protagonist to not deactivate his skin in-game, excluding trailers.
  • There is a glitch that causes the game to soft lock unless the previous chapter is replayed. Probably, the sequence that causes it is the following: 1) Connor becomes deviant; 2) Connor dies in Crossroads; 3) Hank commits suicide; 4) Markus dies in Crossroads. Then, for some reason, Connor on Sacred Ground is triggered though he was killed as a deviant. In this scene, after talking to North, the game cannot be progressed.[33]


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