This article is about the RK900 model character. For other meanings, see Connor (disambiguation).

RK900 #313 248 317 - 87 is a RK900 android in Detroit: Become Human.

He is an advanced prototype that is designed to assist humans to investigate cases involving deviant androids, an upgrade of the RK800 Connor model.

He is faster, stronger, more resilient and equipped with the latest technologies compared to his predecessor RK800.



Connor is a CyberLife RK-series prototype, model RK900, serial #313 248 317 - 87. He was released in November 2038.

He is sent by the company to assist the Detroit City Police Department and U.S. State Department in investigating deviant androids.

Once Connor's mission is accomplished, the new RK900 model is rolled out and all RK800s are considered obsolete and shutdown.

The U.S. State Department ordered 200,000 units.


  • Post-game (determinant)


The RK900 has a wide range of abilities, which are expanded on from the previous Connor's abilities.


Connor has dark brown hair and grey eyes. He has an LED circle on his right temple which identifies him as an android and expresses his mental status.

Connor wears an android uniform with a white and black uniform jacket, black high closed collar shirt, and dark jeans.