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First android zoo opens

US life expectancy now 91

0.4% of world population holds 94% of global wealth

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CyberLife is set to open the first android zoo in Los Angeles, which will exhibit all exotic species to have become extinct in the last thirty years.

Lute turtles, polar bears, mountain gorillas, African elephants and several species of tiger will be among the most high-profile attractions.

CyberLife CSR spokeswoman, Danielle Carnegie, said the zoo "caters to people of all ages" and has a special mission to "educate and inspire the younger generation about the importance of protecting our fragile environment".

Though some environmentalists have claimed the zoo will diminish popular concern for the extinction of 'real' animals, it's difficult not to be enthusiastic about technology being used to recreate vanished species. The animals themselves have yet to be unveiled, but CyberLife promises they will be "more real than the real thing". No doubt an ideal weekend trip for the family!

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This magazine can be found in any one of three locations in the On the Run chapter, depending on where Kara decides to spend the night. For the abandoned car, it is in front of the car. For the motel, it is in front of the television. For the squat, it is on the same side of the squat that Alice sleeps.

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  • There is an inset blurb about polar bears, "ursus maritimus".