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Cyberlife [sic] develops world's most powerful quantum calculator

Android soldiers: perfect killing machines

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CyberLife has unveiled a new quantum supercomputer, capable of 'exaflops' - one billion billion operations per second - the equivalent of several human minds in a single machine.

The computer was specifically designed to analyze vast data from various sources and generate predictions. Philip Seymor, CyberLife's Director of Futurology, is highly confident: "We've been testing for a while, and the results are going to wow people."

The computer will be used to calculate the probability of "Mass Extinction Events", such as aggressive alien invasions or global climate disasters like meteors or superviruses.

The computer can then "help us to anticipate and prepare for such calamities, ensuring humanity is never caught off guard."

Despite doomsday predictions from those fearful that AI is gaining too much influence already, many experts are hailing this as a quantum leap in applied artificial intelligence.

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