The CyberLife Tower is the headquarters of CyberLife where its research center and main production facility are located. It is a prominent end-game location in Detroit: Become Human.

It is an imposing tower where a large amount of androids are manufactured and stored, and where various other CyberLife related business takes place. The CyberLife tower is heavily secured with mobile reinforced walls controlling access with a heavily armed private security force. The tower has at least 93 floors, with 44 above ground. During the revolution CyberLife's security force has strengthen security around the tower.

Game Edit

Night of the SoulEdit

Connor proposes a plan to Markus or North (if Markus was killed in a previous chapter) to infiltrate the CyberLife Tower and convert the thousands of androids stored there. Both will protest and claim it is a suicide mission, but Connor insists as it will shift the balance of power, and give the remaining deviant androids a fighting chance.

Battle for DetroitEdit

If Connor is deviant and was spared by Markus, he will infiltrate the CyberLife tower to convert the hundreds of androids on Floor -49. During these events, Connor will either succeed or fail his mission, depending on the actions that the player takes.

If Connor succeeds, the converted androids will appear later in the game.

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Notes Edit

  • The tower had multiple designs proposed, shown in the concept art. The later concept art included the final design.
  • According to Florent Auguy, one of the concept artists of the game, the CyberLife Tower initially planned to be blown up but the idea was scrapped.[1]


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