CyberLife Warehouse and Docks is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is located on West Torrance Avenue and it is a loading dock near the docks of Detroit for assembled androids, Thirium 310, and biocomponents. Autonomous cargo trucks are sent to pick up goods and transport the supplies to various places and cities. The place has a few human and android security guards along with security drones to protect the area from looters.

History Edit

In 2022, CyberLife leased the previously disused warehouse. The area is patrolled by CyberLife company security.[1]

Spare Parts Edit

On November 6, 2038, the warehouse is targeted by Markus and crew for a raid to steal biocomponents and blue blood for the damaged androids at Jericho.

They will be caught by a security android named John, and Mike, a human security guard, will call for John. If Markus chooses to run, the group will escape without enough spare parts. If Markus hides, John will alert Mike of the group, resulting in them running away. If Markus grabs John then hides, Mike will not see the group and will leave. Markus will also convert John to a deviant. If Markus kills Mike, the emotional shock of the situation will cause John to become deviant. Either way, John will let the group steal more supplies. Markus can also convert three AP700 androids.

John will ask if he can join the group. If Markus refuses, John will trigger the alarm and the group will flee. If Markus says yes to John, he will tell Markus that they can get more spare parts by stealing a truck.

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