Dan is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is the owner of the Android Zone store.

Biography Edit

He sells old and new CyberLife androids and repairs androids. He is seen showing Todd Williams, where his AX400 is and tells him that it was a lot of work to fix. He asks what happened to it however, Todd lies about it getting into an accident. Dan tells him that the AX400 is good as new, but had to wipe its memory. He tell the AX400 to register its name, which is Kara.

Notes Edit

  • His actor Doug Rand returns in his second David Cage game after a long time. Previously, he performed in Fahrenheit. He played multiple roles in that game, and the developers used his likeness on one of the characters he portrayed named Markus Kane.
  • Dan is one of the characters that appear in only one chapter.