Derek Myers is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a security guard who works for CyberLife.


Derek Myers was born May 7, 1989.

Derek works as a security guard for a CyberLife Warehouse and Docks. He has no criminal record.


Derek is seen in Jimmy's Bar sitting on a bar stool as Connor walks in. When he sees Connor entering the bar, Derek will say "Shit, I thought androids weren't allowed in here!"

Spare Parts Edit

Inside the guard station, Derek will be seen alongside another guard named Al Dante chatting and watching over a key if Markus chose to steal a CyberLife truck filled with parts. Derek can either be lured away from the key, distracted by a blackout or Markus can threaten him with a gun. If he is lured away he will be unaware of the androids' presence and let them drive out with the truck full of parts. If Markus chose to threaten Derek, he and the other guard will throw their guns on the ground. When Markus moves to get the key, Derek kicks his chair to knock Markus off balance, then he and Al attempt to subdue him. Derek can either trigger the alarm, be incapacitated or killed by Markus in the fight that ensues.

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