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Detroit (aka Android City) is a city in Michigan, USA, and the setting of Detroit: Become Human.

Once known as the World’s Forge – and home to the Ford Motor Company, which so transformed America and the world in the 20th century – Detroit is once again host to a technology that is altering the very fabric of society; named 'Android capital of the world' in game.

The android industry has brought much wealth, as the glistening towers and the thriving, technologically advanced city design attests to. But the shiny exterior of the city’s prosperity rises over divided streets: androids have created a heavy and wide space between the human social classes, leaving many without a profession or a purpose. In particular, several occupations were largely or completely dominated by androids, including taxi drivers and amusement park staffs. This causes bankruptcy of citizens and demonstrations against androids.

The circulation of Thirium caused by massive production of androids has also caused the illegal use of a drug called Red Ice, its main ingredient being Thirium 101, often of very low purity to be sold throughout Detroit earning its notorious reputation of Red Ice trading center. The growing underclass has majorly succumbed to usage and dealing of such drug, as Detroit Today stated, its application may be caused by dissatisfaction caused by androids taking human jobs. The Detroit City Police Department has previously established Red Ice Task Force to crack down on the distribution of the drug.


  • In November 2038, the Governor of Detroit is an unnamed woman.[1]
  • Unemployment rate: 37.3%
  • An exceedingly low birth rate
  • The epicenter of the distribution of Red Ice, causing nation-wide epidemical drug abuse
  • Androids dominate the service class industry
  • At times small numbers of Hybrid Airships can be seen loitering over the city's skyline. It is unknown who operates them or what purpose they serve.


Downtown Detroit:

West/South of Downtown:

East of Downtown:

Other & Unknown:



  • Detroit doesn't have a governor, it has a mayor. This was likely a developer oversight. It is possible, although not likely, that Detroit has become its own state, but the sign in the opening calls Detroit a city.
  • The Spirit of Detroit (created by Marshall Fredericks), Monument to Joe Louis and St. Mary Roman Catholic Church are visually seen in the background of the game and various parts of the story.