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Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack is composed by Nima Fakhrara, Philip Sheppard and John Paesano. It is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

There are two versions of the soundtrack; the standard edition, which only has 19 tracks, and the digital deluxe edition which has 105 tracks in total from the game. Disc 1 has 22 tracks, disc 2 has 23 tracks, disc 3 has 27 tracks, disc 4 has 14 tracks and disc 5 has 19 tracks. Disc 5's tracklist is the same as the standard edition's tracklist.


Philip Sheppard composed the soundtrack for Kara, Nima Fakhrara composed the soundtrack for Connor, and John Paesano composed the soundtrack for Markus.

Sheppard's cello sequence in Kara's theme was inspired by the flames of a log fire, whereas the motif layered over it came from the two syllables in her name. Fakhrara created custom instruments and used vintage synthesizers in order that the sound could represent the robotic nature of Connor. Paesano's music was made with the idea that it would be "like a church hymn", personifying Markus' transformation into a leader.

Sheppard recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the English Session Orchestra; Paesano was at Synchron Stage Vienna with the Synchron Stage Orchestra.


Standard Edition[]

1. Kara Main Theme
2. Connor Main Theme
3. Markus Main Theme
4. Little One
5. Hostage
6. Something You've Never Seen Before
7. Dark Night
8. Deviant
9. I Am Markus
10. What's Your Mission
11. Fly on Foot
12. I Can't Let My People Die
13. Boom Goes the Music Box
14. I'd Rather Be Alone
15. C Blues
16. Perfect Day
17. Johnny Lawless
18. Midnight Cry
19. Station

Digital Deluxe Edition[]

Disc 1 - Connor Soundtrack - Composed by Nima Fakhrara[]

1. Hostage
2. Your Choice
3. Connor and Hank
4. The Interrogation
5. Deviant
6. Investigation
7. Now
8. As I See Them
9. Analysing
10. The Nest
11. They All Look the Same
12. Eden Club
13. One by One
14. The Garden
15. Kamski
16. I Trust You
17. Crossroads
18. What's Your Mission
19. Meet Markus
20. Will You Trust Me
21. Wake Up
22. Connor Main Theme

Disc 2 - Kara Soundtrack - Composed by Philip Sheppard []

1. Not Just a Machine
2. Keep Turning
3. Little One
4. Dark Night
5. Song of the Lost Girl
6. Kara Main Theme
7. Lost
8. Run with Me
9. I Am Kara
10. Zlatko
11. Confrontation
12. In the Cold
13. And Then Time Stops
14. What Is a Mother
15. Carousel
16. Buzzkill
17. All This Will Pass
18. By Firelight
19. What Light Breaks
20. Fly on Foot
21. Breathe In
22. No Man Has Borders
23. By the River

Disc 3 - Markus Soundtrack - Composed by John Paesano[]

1. Epilogue
2. Markus Main Theme
3. Father and Son
4. Something You've Never Seen Before
5. Time to Decide
6. The Junkyard
7. I Am Markus
8. Lost
9. Find Jericho
10. We Can't Save Everyone
11. A False Freedom
12. Treated Like Slaves
13. Time to Take Action
14. Markus' Speech
15. Can We Still Trust Our Machines
16. CyberLife
17. It's Time We Send a Message
18. We Are People
19. It's Up to You to Decide
20. A Huge Mistake
21. The Revolution Is Starting
22. Not Human
23. We Are Not Afraid
24. I Can't Let My People Die
25. Finish the Barricade
26. The Horrors of War
27. This Is the End

Disc 4 - Detroit's Artists[]

1. Boom Goes the Music Box
2. Straight and Narrow
3. Seven Moons
4. I'd Rather Be Alone
5. C Blues
6. Perfect Day
7. Set Me Free
8. Can't Leave
9. Electric Night
10. Johnny Lawless
11. Midnight Cry
12. Go to Hell
13. Voices in My Head
14. Station