Dewey is a fish belonging to the species Dwarf gourami (Trichogaster lalius) that appears in Detroit: Become Human.

In 2038, it lived in the foyer aquarium of the Phillips apartment in Detroit. It is Emma Phillips' favorite pet and she was the one who named it Dewey.[1]

During The Hostage, when Connor exits the elevator, he will encounter the fish lying in front of the shot up and slightly broken aquarium.[2]

Connor can scan and identify the fish, and has the choice between leaving it or saving it by picking it up and returning it to the aquarium with the other fishes.


  • "The Hostage" scene is presented many times in various conventions while promoting the game and in these occasions, audiences got to make decisions for Connor. One of the decisions they made was saving the fish. As people shouted "Save the fish!", the phrase turned into an Internet meme and became part of the marketing.
  • Saving the fish affects the gameplay by increasing Connor's Software Instability. It is the first opportunity to influence the stat and establish Connor's character and (lack of) empathy.
  • The species is native to South Asia.
  • Dewey's name is not found in-game but is rather revealed by the CyberLife Skill for Alexa by issuing the command: "Alexa, ask CyberLife to tell me about the fish".


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