Douglas Mitchell is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a hot dog stand vendor.

Biography Edit

Douglas Mitchell was born August 10, 1992.[1]

Douglas was a site manager at a construction firm in Detroit before losing his job when all his company’s laborers were replaced by androids, leaving no use for human supervision.[1]

Living off odd jobs, he comes every afternoon to sell hot dogs and drinks in the Greektown district to make ends meet.[1]

Shades of Color Edit

In "Shades of Color", Douglas will be seen selling hot dogs and drinks in Greektown. If Markus walks near him, he will say, "Hey, move it! You're scaring away my customers." If Markus continues to stand there, he will get angry and say, "Are you deaf, you plastic fuck? I said move it!" and pushes Markus.[2]


Douglas Mitchell shows hatred and resentment toward the androids, possibly for having made him lose his previous job.

Notes Edit

  • He wears a Chicken Feed shirt; it is unknown if he works for there or not.



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