Drones are common feature of the world of Detroit: Become Human. They are used for delivering packages, agriculture, journalism, and used for security/law enforcement. The drones seem to be automated.

Delivery drones have four propellers and claws to carry medium sized packages.

The security/law enforcement variant has three propellers, a searchlight, triangle shape body, and a camera with scanning features. If the drone spots something, or is attacked, it will automatically contact the police. The drone will then tell the criminal or criminals to stop their illegal act and stay where they are until the police arrives.

The U.S. Army uses drones at Recall Center Nº5 to carry out security duties. It has four propellers blades and a searchlight and camera. It will give a verbal warning to obey and tell the perpetrator to stay where they are until military personnel arrives.

Urban Farms of Detroit use drones to carry and move plant beds.

A small drone with a light and camera is seen with news reporter Joss Douglas in Partners.

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