The Eastern Motel is a motel in Detroit: Become Human.

A motel room costs $40 dollars.

History[edit | edit source]

Joseph Sheldon works there as a night receptionist, and has done so since 2018.

On November 5, 2038, in Chapter "Fugitives", Kara can elect to stay at the motel. If she chose it, she resumes there the next morning in Chapter "On the Run".

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The paperwork signed by Kara is headed with "Eastern Market Hotel & Suites". Eastern Market is an area directly northeast of Downtown Detroit; as the motel is located in Camden/Ravendale, it might be the name of the motel's franchise or similar.
  • Kara signs the motel's paperwork with the name "Archer", when looking at a car service company advertisement.
  • The songs that play in Eastern Motel are "Set Me Free" and "I'd Rather Be Alone" by Thornetta Davis.

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