Elijah Kamski's house is a location in Detroit: Become Human.

In 2038, Elijah Kamski is living in a residence in Detroit. He is kept company by androids, including several Chloe models.


Meet KamskiEdit

Connor and Hank decides to meet with Kamski and ask him a few questions. The player will have the chance to shoot Chloe or spare her.

Battle for DetroitEdit

Kamski and his house may appear at the end of chapter Battle for Detroit/in a Credits scene if all characters are dead.



  • Kamski's house is located at the Detroit River, close to Belle Isle; the CyberLife Tower and its bridge are visible from the house.
  • A painting of Carl is displayed in Kamski's house next to his pool, and it can also be seen in Carl's house next to his dining table.
  • Most probably the walls of Kamski's pool are red instead of the water, giving the illusion of Kamski swimming in wine, an allusion to how people thought how the wealthy people lived in the past.