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Emma Phillips is a human in Detroit: Become Human, and also the daughter of John Phillips and Caroline Phillips. She is the titular victim of the hostage situation in the chapter "The Hostage".



Emma was born on September 2, 2028, to John Phillips and Caroline Phillips.[1]

The Phillips family lived an affluent life in an apartment at the address 1554 Park Av. Detroit. They had a domestic android named Daniel, whom Emma was very attached to, as shown by a video recorded by herself and Daniel. In the video, Emma happily introduces Daniel to the camera, saying he's "the coolest android in the world" before saying that they will be together forever.

The night of August 15, 2038, a 9-year-old Emma was taken hostage by Daniel upon him realizing that the Phillips family was buying a new android and he was going to be replaced. Moments before taking Emma hostage, Daniel had shot her father, John, which she had not heard as she was listening to music. Emma witnessed Daniel shooting the police officer Antony Deckart.[1]


In the chapter "The Hostage", Emma has recently been taken hostage by the family's android, Daniel.

Depending on the player's choices, she can be saved by Connor or killed by Daniel.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Emma is portrayed by Audrey Boustani, who provided her likeness, the voice acting and performance capture.
    • In dubbed versions Emma's voice was acted by: Yolanda Mateos (European Spanish).

Quotes Edit

  • "This is Daniel, the coolest android in the world! Say hi, Daniel!" - Emma introduces Daniel in The Hostage.
  • "No! No, please! I'm begging you!" - Emma after Daniel threatens Connor to jump off in The Hostage.
  • "Please help me... I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die..." - Emma to Connor after he talks to her in The Hostage.



  • In concept art, Emma appeared as an Asian little girl and wore a different outfit than the final cut of the game.
  • The actresses of Caroline and Emma Phillips are mother and daugher in real-life.
  • Some players have noted that Emma looks like Alice. This is because both are portrayed by Audrey Boustani and modeled after her.
    • In E3 2016 trailer of Detroit: Become Human, Emma looks more like Audrey, but in the final game her appearance altered to look less like her.
  • Emma is 9 years old on August 15, 2038, she turns 10 years old on September 2. This means she is 10 years old in November 2038 when the rest of the game takes place.


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