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Evan Thompson[1] is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a channel operator employee that works for Channel 16.


The Stratford Tower[]

When Markus and the others hijack the broadcasting room in Stratford Tower, he and another employee are taken hostage.

Evan attempts to run away and North tells Markus that he will hit the alarm and urges him to shoot Evan, but Josh objects. If Markus does not kill him, he presses the alarm which warns building security and Detroit police learns about the hijacking.[2]

Public Enemy[]

If spared, he will be mentioned in a conversation between Officer Chris Miller and Hank Anderson. Miller states that Evan is still in shock and does not want to talk and Chris wishes they could talk to him about what happened. If killed, his body will be seen on the floor in the hallway leading to the broadcast room and Chris mentions that he was killed by a single gunshot through the heart from fifty feet away.[3]